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  1. I would really like to see the server that I spent such long time into it being active once more
  2. Being able to take funny screenshots like this one
  3. So, I've started to play this game finally released on EU. I was wondering, anyone else that uses it that wants to play along?
  4. All the new skins needs their custom stats to be added
  5. Well, welcome to all the new peoples
  6. re: the Medic problem the MVM medic stats should only be during a Donut Steel round. Uber extension is from maybe 2011, using ordinary attributes. Could you explain this in more detail? re: the ammo problem, oh geez...did I somehow forget to check for energy weapons? I'll have to fix FNAP but also things like Fluttershy's rage as well. Thanks for pointing this out, will add to my TODO list. Allow me to Explain, at the moment the Medigun and the Kritzkrieg ubers are the same (Damage Immunity + 100% Critical for both the patient and the medic). But after the halloween update, the Immunity part ends early at around 20% of the remaining charge while the Crit part is carried until the very end. I've recorded a demo file of what happens if you need to see it
  7. Props have started to fall through floor again, getting quite annoying to lose ammo boxes and chicashy muffins because that
  8. Let's see, I 've played her both before and after this fixes. I still feel that she needs a little stronger melee to help her out to get a bear out, but the changes to the R rage and the medigun she uses are a nice improvement
  9. For me it started with vanilla TF2, then I've started to look for a VSH mod and found VSP :3
  10. Should we consider it like an Alpha version or something?
  11. #steambroken again

    1. Aurotzel


      Steam is always broken tho

  12. Update on grenades and stickies Even on Texas server they started going through the floor....... Then i wish to bump again the massive problems on EU, it has stopped to be fun anymore playing there
  13. Congratulation for your victory, pal
  14. On my experience, I saw that this glitch affects only some maps like Orange Murder.
  15. Spellbook still A mounth passed since my report, still nothing happened