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  1. I'm freaking stupid. But is that map for still up?
  2. Old reliable. Some of them still works. I actually have an list of things which are broken. after bleep-blooping (researching), the mods are still.... "satisfactory" uhh, the maps, I don't really download maps. So, no guarantees. Also, the weapons, uhh most of the spy, medic, engie, demo, heavy weps are good, but scouts scattergun skins do not work AT ALL. The particle effects can still be used. The UI and HUDs so far have no problems. And also, they are having a ongoing poll,whether if they should make MORE mods. back to the mods. The environmental skins for TF2 in the site are still good, like the "battlements" signs and posters you see in spawn and CP projections and CP even, are still usable. I just get majority of my "mlp" mods there. Obviously there are sites like Gamebanana. Also, the audio. By audio, I mean like, all the audio, from footstep sounds to dispenser radios, I think they are all usable.
  3. But of course.
  4. I normally don't play hale. But, obviously, I enjoy playing Princess luna, because I think she is quite a balanced boss. Her rage isn't that bad. And is not very OP. But, if I could play thi, I would, because she seems to be well balanced out too. Can't jump,though. But has these platform things, pretty sure you know what I mean. Uhh, also, I like to play flutterbat. When I'm feeling troll-y. And occasional chrysalis, because of the theme music. And sometimes the Princess cadence+ Shining Armor combo. For the feeling of co-op and the best theme music I have ever heard.
  5. That, in fact, is very true. In my opinion.
  6. God bless you. Been trying to find the songs forever.
  7. Hey guys. I am frequently asked by my peers where do I get my mods. I got them from here: I do not own that site. Just here to tell Ya'll where you could install some mods if you are interested in. If you do have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread! All the best.
  8. Just wanted to know, what are you ponies views on the show. Everything. From the art-style to the plot. Just wanted to know everyponies view of the show. What are the bad points and the good points.
  9. I agree with you. I mean, if a person lashes out at you for being a brony, I mean, you shouldn't exchange hot words at each other. I mean,damn. Curse under your breath. And not curse out loud. It just ruins the whole image of us.
  10. Well my brother.. Here is how it goes. One fine day, I was on the interwebs, on Facebook. And i started seeing these groups and people who look like.. PONIES. So, out of curiosity, I went to check it out. But then, I see they were roleplaying, something I was very familiar of.. But they were doing it in a very weird way.. In a very pony way. So, I went to do a little research on what was that. Then I came across the words "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" and i see all these very well-designed ponies. Very cute. I did more research. These "Bronies" were very hooked to the show. And this perked my interest into this show. So, I decided to watch one on YouTube. Season 2. Episode 1. This very one episode got me hooked. I continued to watch and watch. Till the end. And from there, I thought. I am a Pegasister. I am... HOOKED. And I did research on finding these people. I at first felt very ashamed and embarrassed to tell my peers of my strange interest in cute magical little ponies. But as weeks and months went by.. I felt very welcomed, got stumbled with some rude people in the society but then, the people here taught me how to love and care. I don't give a shit about people who oppose to my interests. Because those who matter don't mind. And those who mind, don't matter. I was enthralled into the new art style. Of course, when I was doing my research on this, I saw the old design. To me they looked very.. Creepy. I am glad they remade it into something more kid-friendly, I think. Obviously I did discover this on my own. With a little hints dropped by my very few friends who were Bronies. It all started with facebook. But if you are asking me what peaked my interest in to show, I would say the roleplayers on facebook and the imageboards on 4chan. The end. *closes a very small book while coughing*