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  1. If you wouldn't mind, never hurts to at least chat I suppose. Earth pony, tannish colored body with a straight, black mane and tail. Brown eyes and a cutie mark of 3 cookies shaped like shurikens.
  2. I have absolutely ZERO artistic, drawing, and painting ability but have an OC that I would like to see artistically represtented. Any idea where I should ask for help? I'm a bit clueless on this one.
  3. I think I just need to raise the level of my laptop when I record so I'm not looking down so much. Next video I'm going to try elevating my laptop a bit and see how that works.
  4. I'm still learning the cam and video editing program. It's only 420p so technically not HD, looking pretty good I think. Glad to see you enjoyed that line, I was worried that one went a little too far for the show.
  5. And my video for Winter Wrap Up is complete and uploaded. I only recorded in 480p so not technically HD but still think that it's massively improved. If you want to take a look at how it looks, here's a link below:
  6. Is there makeup beyond chapstick and Kiss facepaint?
  7. Well I still need to use it but my early assessment is, "crap, now I'm going to have to care about how I look before taping MLP commentaries." I still need to test it out a bit more but it has killed the background noise caused by my laptop fan and the image quality is exceptional.
  8. I babysit my nieces and children's programming tends to be terrible. One night I got so fed up with the stuff they watched I turned on Netflix for ideas to put in front of them. I actually avoided MLP for a long time but eventually cranked it up to give it a try. As I watched the first few shows I decided it wasn't too bad and kept going.
  9. First off I need to thank you for the LOL's, I found the guy to be fantastic and hilarious to go from defining bronies in one moment then immediately go into the Christian stuff. Truth be told though I think that a lot of this is the Southern Baptist stuff since (to be honest) I've reached the conclusion that the Southern Baptist is largely based on hate. Hate and fear.
  10. Well, you could always subscribe to my channel and check out the difference in quality once I begin recording again. Free two day shipping with Amazon Prime so I should have Winter Wrap-Up commentary up by this weekind.
  11. I agree that the camera needs to be better and I need something to cancel out the sound of the fan from my laptop. Based on the reviews this should do the job.
  12. Well a better webcam (HD quality) is on the plan as is a better mic option. Of course part of me also wonders if I'm just terrible and am wasting my time.
  13. I have recently started doing YouTube reactions and facecams to MLP season 1. My plan is to keep doing them and hopefully begin doing blind reactions once season 5 begins. IN the meantime I'm looking to build an audience and try to begin getting better on camera. If you want to swing on by to look at my channel, watch a vid or two and let me know what y'all think it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.