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  1. Recently wrote a story! Would be appreciated if anyone was willing to check it out!Size Doesn't Matter

  2. FNAP Hale... *Sigh*

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. sarysa


      Generic neutral post.

      Though on a funny note, it was refreshing to listen to the Jimquisition podcast describe it as "horror for kids", when I'd been pulling the age card on FNAF for months. ;P

    3. The_Mr_Kumar
    4. sarysa


      Basically, other people around my age have the same opinion about FNAF as me, so I feel validated. Yay.

      Though I guess it wasn't a funny note. I meant funny as "odd". Maybe "lighter note"?

  3. FNAP Hale... *Sigh*

  4. Literally the saltiest I have been in months.

  5. Friends and fellow gamers! I can proudly announce it has been one full year since I rejoined this community, and actually got involved, and I might say it was something I glad I did because I have made so many good memories on the servers, and some memories with friends on the servers~ So it is with this status update I say, LET THERE BE ANOTHER YEAR OF FUN AND MEMORIES!

  6. I blame... THIS COOKIE. *NOM*

  7. *Breaches 200$ in BP Value* We did it boys.

  8. Trove is gud free gam.

  9. But what if luck was not kill?

    1. Aurotzel


      It is, don't try and think otherwise :<

    2. Zeke Aileron™
  10. Guys look! It's text in a chat box! GET ANNOYED! QUICKLY!