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  1. I posted on The Twilight Empire's Steam Forum to clear up any confusion addressed in the recent announcement:
  2. goomba is bad, but you should get the stomper's and stompee's velocity, add/subtract the vectors, then do a getvectorlength and if that value is too high, cancel the stomp. It's stupid when a colliding object can deal 999999999 damage to another that's hitting it like a feather. Also, yeah, just check TF2_IsPlayerInCondition and cancel the stomp. As far as the ontakedamage issue.. SDKhooks now has OnTakeDamageAlive which will give accurate spread, crit damage, and falloff, unfortunately it's not in the 1.6 branch, and 1.7 will -- well break many things because it's still in heavy development.
  3. >Daring Do YESH!! I'll definitely be looking forward to this model!! This is what I got the last time I touched her model Scout base model rigs doesn't help much. As for lilpip, I think it will look good on her if her pip-buck screen had self illum, so it would be shinny even on dark places. You could make th at shoulder look worlds better just by adding 2 edge loops and re-weighing it :| Should only take like 10 minutes, but then the polycount there wouldn't reflect the polycount of the rest of the model... Ideally you'd go in and fix all the topology (mainly the joints). Best way is to just make the limbs less fat so they deform closer to the skeleton. For scout/spy it's tricky, since spy has no real joint coming out of his suit, and scout has wide shoulders and no "real" joint coming off of his sleeve cuffs. Pick if you want accurate bending @ the joint and weigh it heavily to the arm and torso, or smoother bending but have the upper arm give using more blended weights. I vote for blended weights and smaller models because better animation... but then again, all my models are skinny and have bewbs :|
  4. One of the problems (which i posted on the thread last year) is that FF2's ontakedamage code is broken. This causes lots of hale>player damage to be amplified (in stupid amounts). Stock rockets will deal.. 500 damage, bleeds tick for 30-50, fire is about the same, knives hit for hundreds.. On my server the hidden's knife with those attributes was hitting for some 130 when butterknifing players, and you know.. similarly to buildings so it would take a hit or 2 to kill them. Generally we have hales hit for 180-210.. Sentry guns don't even get that much health until level 3. Now, most players are ignorant and don't bother to upgrade their sentry guns (falsely beliving that a level 2 is superior to a level 3 when it is not in any way.. a level 3 just adds rockets and health). Anyways.. Hale should be able to kill a l3 sentry in 1-2 hits (unless it is wrangled), then it will take 4-5. Hale has plenty of methods of disabling sentries anyway (rage stun sentry, kill engineer, go around it, etc). Problems arise when you allow sentries to take multiple hits when a single engineer standing behind it (like in a cubby hole on various maps). This type of thing is how a lot of the really bad code got put into OnTakeDamage, which accounts for things like hale hitting really hard with some weapons (projectiles, knives, etc), and really low with others. It causes even more problems, when you have crits factored in, because things like scout and medic class crit calculations are going to scale up to near 100% at times, but they'll be hitting for the base 200. Again, more sloppy OnTakeDamage code to account for this. Once you take it all out, you'll get normal hitting hales, and you do things like.. This for scouts: "attributes" " 2 ; 5.0 ; 68 ; 1 ; 396 ; 1.5 ; 252 ; 0.5 ; 15 ; 0.0 " Then they hit normally (and at normal speed) without critting like madmen. Or this for spies: "attributes" " 2 ; 5.0 ; 68 ; 2 ; 109 ; 0.0 " While other classes wille be like so: "attributes" " 2 ; 3.0 ; 68 ; 2 " Then when you ignite a player as hale, they don't die in 2 ticks. Hidden on our server is sort of an underpowered boss, as he has really low health, and players will just group up and pop uber and destroy him if he's not careful. If he hides they'll just cap the point... Predator is the same way. He is very fragile, and his rage does nearly nothing. Players have to be very smart and quick at backstabs (and picking up the skulls to regain stealth) or they will not be able to do anything. Both of those stealth bosses have something like 60% normal hale health. Both of the bosses have some ways to mitigate conds (bleed, fire, milk, etc). Predator clears them when entering stealth, hidden clears them while stealthed automatically. You still see a cloak flicker though, so you can just chase the boss down. Also, a heavy or pyro standing next to a dispenser spamming away will almost always reveal the boss.... Kids only get "instantly stabbed" if they run out on their own and try to be heroes. Anyways, as far as things like backstab attack duration and all that type stuff, it's all configurable, as are all of the bosses (it's all open source anyways). Just look at the TF2_OnConditionAdded and TF2_OnConditionRemoved. I put out 4 more bosses this halloween with some different abilities. Might be useful, I don't know. There are probably a lot of changes in the 2013 from whatever you are using. Still though, the version that I post on the forums is a bit different from what I use on my servers. Should still be close though, and functional. If you have problems let me know. I updated it a while ago because projectile thinks broke homing when tf2 got updated. 2014: 2013: For heavies, we all had the same problem, they are slow, no knockback, and die way too easy. My solution was to just give them more health and critical resistance. With 400 health and crit immunity a heavy can go 1:1 against a hale for at least a few seconds. If a player throws milk on him or a medic helps him, he'll be fine. Heavies are complete crap anyways if they arn't nearly point blank against a hale (at which point they can do 2-3k damage), otherwise they'll be hitting for around 5-8... which is nothing even if they unload their clip of 300. Now, I gave them a natasha minigun which minicrits airborne, but does some 80% damage or something, which is good for defending sentries or longer range, but it's not nearly as good up close (nor is it the brass beast).. Pyros are the same way. We gave them more health (300), and people will be more agressive and use them to harass hale and defend.. rather than just spam airblast next to a dispenser doing nothing. As for Flutterbat, the way Raini described her to me seemed pretty good. I suggested the bats because thats what I put on mine and people liked the effect, though we have a sprite indicator that gives the hale away if they arn't a "stealth" boss like predator/hidden. Generally those effects (rain, snow, etc) make the bosses a bit more interesting. It's true that the hidden's cling to walls ability isn't super useful, but I have seen him use it fairly often to camp engineers waiting for metal respawns and such... or perhaps to avoid getting bumped into to ambush medics and such. A better idea would have been to give him stealth regeneration while he is clinging to a wall, but I didn't want to encourage camping.. perhaps slower drain would do. You can't really win with stealth bosses. Anyhow, I asked Raini if we could use flutterbat and she didn't mind. My version allows her to fly around. She still has cloak, but it doesn't last long and it doesn't refill. Her rage refills it and spooks nearby players. Killing a player drops an apple that heals her a small amount if she manages to pick it up.
  5. The butts are coming
  6. Servercommand is evil, and should never be used unless absolutely neccessary. Entcontrol is very badly coded, and will crash/hang the server, and it doesn't do anything good anyway. Using codebits from these type plugins/getting ideas from them is a good starting point, but you still have to do things correctly to make sure you don't cause crashes/hangs/slowdowns, etc. When you start servercommanding, creating plugin inter-dependencies, and spawning improper entities etc, you're setting sail for failure.
  7. Not sure if confused or actual bug: Your damage (reported in green): - This is the amount of points you WILL recieve on the scoreboard for the damage you dealt (something like 1 point extra per 600 points of damage) it means nothing in regard to queue points. damage/queue points: Calculated at round end (when the little banner comes up and says top 3 players / damage done, over 9-thousand wave file played) - Damage is calculated for all players, highest 3 are placed on center text for all to see. - Bonus "points" for escort score are added to the scoreboard (has nothing at all to do with queue points. - Queue points are doled out. You can be respawned and die 90000000 times in a round, it won't change your queue points, or your score. You can do 30,000 damage to the boss, you will get some "points" but it won't change how many queue points you earn in excess of the normal amount. Likewise, I can use point_hurt/env_explosion to kill a boss and set the damage to the engine max which is something like 90k, and ff2 will award me with some few thousand points on the scoreboard, but i'll still get the same queue points as everyone else.
  8. Operating System : Ubuntu 13.04 There's your problem If it's x64, there's your problem x2
  9. cl_allowdownload 1 Client downloads customization files cl_allowupload 1 Client uploads customization files
  10. Disable client side particles. Most servers don't even use SV_Pure, so you can change the manifest.
  11. add attribute can't be forced crit
  12. Models have to have the prp_ bones or the normal model bones to equip wearables via bonemerge. First the model actually has to have the bones... Second, there has to be no mesh covering the area that the attached model occupies. Since those things are so massive anyways, even if t hey did have the proper bones, hats wouldn't show up anyways. You can't reposition the bones either, the animations require them to be in specific places.
  13. So set the head regeneration on the persuader to like 15 or 20, but you get 1/2 the range too, so it's harder to hit the hale.. and easier for him to hit you.
  14. Shrine is pretty terrible. It lags horribly because it's huge, it's got tons of places for people to hide (inside trees, rocks, terrain, on top of trees) and ... i mean, trees growing sideways? I'ts just like this map: LAGCENTRAL, and i heard hales could fall off the thing and die. lul.
  15. you can try this but I have no idea if you'll like it. Anyone know of a solution? Or, is there a way to disable/extend the time limit by like, 4 minutes? You can force it via sourcemod, but there are other problems with that map that can also cause crashes. Another problem is the bulldozer in general is just awful and almost impossible to drive a good 80-90% of the time because of how the camera works. It would have been worlds better to just make it drivable with entity inputs using a sourcemod plugin, and not actually changing the client's view, or just rendering them invisible and teleporting them to some info_Target parented to it by velocity. As it stands, Most hales on our server would just suicide when they got into it. So the deathrun was pretty pointless. Either everyone dies before they get to the bulldozer, hale gets executed if he touches the bulldozer, or the server crashes -- making for an all around awful experience and headache.