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  1. I would like to nominate Zeke Aileron For Mod
  2. Here is a Quick Guide how to Find and connect to a Private ARK Survival Evolved Server Sever Name:Zad's ARK Server
  3. Are you tired of being griefed on the official servers? Did the Chinese hackers aimbot your tribe to death? Are you struggling to get resources because some **** placed foundations across the entire map? Are you looking for a fresh start and new adventures? Well today is your lucky day :) We are proud to announce that we are looking for players to join us on a brand new private server, run by three friendly and active admins. We are aiming to recruit mature and casual players that have real life stuff to do and just want to chillout and have fun when they play Ark. Server rules: - No cheating, - No hacking - No racism - Building underwater bases inside sea caves is allowed (We would like to restrict this to one underwater base per tribe) Griefing is not allowed SERVER Mods: - Currently We only have (Small Dragon) Running on the Server - More To Come Server IP: Server Passw:qwerty Griefing on our server is defined as anything that effects the community in a negative way. This includes building ontop of mountains to stop resource spawns. Barricading cave entrances to prevent players from getting artifacts to summon broodmother We are hoping to build a friendly and active community and are very happy to accept solo players and small groups of friends.
  4. Same for me I never seen Tao or Col start anything in the Server
  5. Well from what i can tell The time's i come on the Server the only player's that are on and trying to keep the server rules in check are Col and Tao Plus the time frame that i play there's barely any Mods or admin on And again most of the time Col or Tao are on Doing the Job of a Mod so in short i think they would make a good addition to the staff
  6. I also think that Taoru would make a Good Mod he is a good player and he helps out a lot of players and he knows the rules of the sever he will make a good addition to the staff
  7. Jump on today and it seems Like all the Sticky Launcher's are cliping right through the map dont now if thats something to with an update
  8. My old account is lock or might be delete by now so there no way to prove how long i have been playing on the server so there's no point on going on with this discussion thank you Grim for the seggestion
  9. Well hoping the problem is fix or it goes away Cuz not to fond of Deathruns
  10. Same with me my ping has been goin of the scanner lately and it seems late at night times i can't even connect to the server