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  1. Well i've been on the server for a while but allow me to introduce myself to the community. hey all my name is Sensei Obscurion, but most people just call me sensei. I'm already in the brony community for a little 7 months but i enjoy the time i've been in it. i'm a 20 year old guy from Belgium I like playing tf2 and gmod, i spend a lot of time on the versus ponyville server and if i'm not there then you can find me on the slender fortress server. I'm a open minded and honest guy who always in the mood for a good time i love to help people out with whatever is on their mind. I'm gracefull to have stumbled on the versus ponyville server because i made some fantastic friends there and they helped me brighten up my life a little bit in these dark days for what i'm very thankfull to them. i like playing with friends, studying history and the weapons used in it, reading creepypasta's and listening to music well that's about it if you want to ask me something then go ahead i won't bite ;) well see you all and have a nice day.