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  2. Pan
  3. I kill people...and win medals for it.
  4. names

    There's alot of lewd names... that I can think of lol
  5. Can't we just make a poll about debating about switching Cali Trade server into Vanilla Free TF2?
  6. Most of us in competitive UGC/ESEA Used chris configs or Clean TF2. It does help out alright removing out particles/gibs/ragdolls EDIT: Just customize your preferences and pretty much easy as that. Or just download Mr.Slin's HUD/Configs. Can just scan through his folders to just pick what you want or edit. (Slin HUD and Configs)
  7. Ahhhh... Remember back when Vanilla servers existed? Heh heh.... awwwwhhhh.... Rest in peace Chicago no crit/spread EDIT: Rest in peace Dallas Vanilla also We can probably convert the trade server in Cali to a vanilla server, but the vote map system has to go along with some of the models and such. Also the activity in that server is super duper low.
  8. Leaving this to you Videogames
  9. I stalk Colgate EVERYWHERE!
  10. Beating up people, Airshots for days, 6K Sniper Headshots only, being called a hacker in pugs, etc.
  11. Put the updates here and talk about it! :3 Fun~ Edit: Pinning the Post that way it can be found on the top~
  12. I probably might go this time. Insert Dramatic Music and User sleeping with plushie again.
  13. Great now there are two Torky's
  14. I wreck kids like User in Plat. Nuff said :3