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  1. mine usually end with me getting bored of that fortress and starting a new one
  2. my battletag is Disc0rd#2974 though on the european server. it might be a good idea for you guys to mention the server aswell
  3. got a torchlight 2 beta invite. huzzah!

  4. what a day so far. wake up early ready to play diablo 3, turns out my laptop won't start up. i decide to repair my old pc, which needed a new power unit. so after an hour long drive on the bus to the shopping center and buying a new one for 55€ , i get greeted by thunder, lightning and hail. in mid-May. so after another hour drive with the bus i get home soaking wet. then i had to work another 2 hours to get my computer running, and another hour to install diablo 3 and update everything....

  5. the unusual bussiness is a dangerous area of tf2 trading. mainly because there are no set prices for unusuals. the price of an unusual depends on 4 properties: 1. the hat itself 2. the effect 3. the class the hat is for 4. the theme 1 and 2 are pretty straight-forward. a burning flames kabuto is more popular than a flies brain bucket. 3 focuses mainly on how popular the class is, or if its multiclasse like the team captain or festive tree. soldier and scout are more played classes by the people who can actually afford unusuals, while heavy or engineer are less popular classes. 4 is a bit tricky. anyone can make up a theme for a certain combination of effect an hat, but a more popular or known reference will fetch a better price. for instance a stormy storm raincatcher or a haunted ghosts ze goggles are very popular. lastly, unusual set hats like the fez or snaggletooth are a bit more expensive because they are part of a set, an misc unusuals are alot more expensive because it can be worn with other unusuals. when selling unusuals, never take the first offer you get. ask aroun on trade websites or servers for offers and look for the highest you can get. but in the end, the price of an unusual mainly depends on how much someone wants it. in theory a flies brainbucket is barely worth 1 bud, but if someone's looking for that specific combination, you can get a good price out of it. tl;dr: dont sell unusuals unless you know what you're doing.
  6. with 1 more day to go, anyone here wanna try out the game for the first time together? it's more fun that way. preferably someone from europe. thats easier with the timezone stuff.
  7. absolutely correct. i guess i won. next is stargazer
  8. i wouldn't. right myself?
  9. most likely
  10. so glad april fools day is finally over. no fun spreading chaos if everyone's doing it

    1. Cookie Crumble™

      Cookie Crumble™

      I wasnt spreading chaos on april fools day...april fools day for me is to stop doing chaos... ^^

  11. hehehehehe
  12. i've had the earth pony double drop work on blocks i placed just minutes before.
  13. minecraft server crashed again...

  14. bump
  15. is that a craftable panama?