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  1. This thread seems extremely random and all over the place. But I'll just say I do find Fluttershy to be unattractive because her color scheme, eyes, voice, and...everything else. I don't like Rarity's eyelashes or mane very much. Pinkie is cute but better with straight hair. RD, AJ, and Twi are all fine and pretty cute imo.
  2. I was Rae on MLPforums. If you knew me, come find me. If not, then hey. Cya around.
  3. Mane six: AJ and RD are definitely tied. Plus, I ship em sooo. Princess? Idk none are that appealing to me but probably Luna or Twi...? Villian: Trixie, Sonata, and Sunset Shimmer Best CMC is Scootaloo and Applebloom. Best BG is Vinyl. For some reason I also like Berry Punch and Apple Fritter.
  4. Obviously it's all going to be opinion based... but yes. I do think RD is best pony (tied to AJ though) I like her confidence and the fact she has a lot of personality.
  5. Feels like home again ;)