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  1. Welp, moved back to school. Guess I'm done playing video gahahahahahaha yeah right

  2. It only happened to me once, and I'm not entirely sure as to the day (Thursday or Friday I think, within the last week for sure).
  3. The only time I've ever had a problem with being kicked for going AFK was a time that I wasn't AFK at all. I don't know exactly what had happened, but from what I remember I died, had a ~20 second wait time, and respawned. As soon as I respawned, I started getting the AFK warning which I thought was strange. I walked to the door, and as soon as it opened I got killed. The AFK warnings kept going, and before I could respawn I had been kicked for AFK. I still have no idea how exactly it happened. It was far less than five minutes, starting and ending within a minute. Any idea what might have caused this?
  4. Takin' a TF2 break until they balance it. Spamming is not fun. Sorry if you disagree.

  5. Hahahaha way to go valve, patched a "rare startup crash" and prevented the game from opening.

  6. Is there any way you could put a cap on number of heavies per team? Right now, with him being as broken as he is, it's extremely unfun to be pushing a cart on offense only to run into a wall of four heavies that never stop firing at any time. Similarly, being on defense where the offensive team consists of four heavies that are always shooting. The only way to break a heavy spam is to start spamming other things, and then it's not fun AND encouraging bad playing.
  7. You are literally the best.
  8. For future reference, who are the remaining admins? I thought I saw a list somewhere else on here but can't find it again.
  9. In a game at the moment with at least two guys. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962726861 ([:3] skillzthatkillz) and http://steamcommunity.com/id/iisvein/ ("Torkair" but it's a namechange, not sure what the original name is) The first guy is spamming extremely offensive stuff in both textchat and on the mic, and the second guy is speedhacking/aimbotting. They changed their names to people on the server multiple times, so that's what shows up in the screenshot. Her'es a screenshot of the textspam Edit: oh boy a new jerkbag joins the fray - http://steamcommunity.com/id/g0tr4iney/
  10. It may have been a case of using !scootaloo. Apparently if others do it after you it's considered mic spamming, and I know he kicked a guy for a day because of it (may have been you, not sure)
  11. The Highlander thing was a serious suggestion by the way. Otherwise, I've got a few suggestions involving class limits.

  12. Every class is unfun to play against. New idea: Ponyville: Friendship is Highlander.

  13. And lo, all was well once again

  14. Gettin' tired of all these spammers. They should probably Get Out.

  15. I tend to shift between genres a few times a year, but this year I've been able to listen to Diane Birch pretty consistently. Examples: , Rise Up, Another constant is definitely Ben Folds. Examples: , , Otherwise, I recently started listening to some Deadmau5 which is pretty cool.