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  1. Evening. I've been off the forum for years. Are the servers still running?

    1. staryoshi06
    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Correct, they're still up, but unable to connect to them because they require to be updated.

  2. Random visit on this forum. Good evening, chaps.

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      Random visit = OMG what has happened here?

    2. Octy


      ^ My first thoughts.

    3. ÎÎÎÎÎ


      Holy shit it's kochi

  3. So right now I have a cavalry-issue Brown Bess carbine in my hands. I fell in love!

  4. I think I'm gonna make a clan out of this: I shall call us, "5th Stoner Lion Infanterie Van Linie"

  5. "Teacher! I did the homework"

    1. MrKenyon


      That is a deceptive thumbnail for that video.

  6. I say, Equestria Girls was released today... Is there any known way to watch it from Argieland?

  7. There are parts of history that I find most hilarious. Today, during the Argentinian Civil War reenactment, I joined the Federalist side. Once I was in my fancy red uniform, I was given a red linen lace, which had embroidered "Long live the Federation, Death to the savage, filthy Unitarians".

    1. Suitaloo


      Unitarians? You mean unitologists?

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    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      While Kirino is definitely a shit, that's a waste of a perfectly good laptop.


      I saw it earlier on /a/, so it was most likely someone else.

    3. Simple


      MLP fans hating on Oreimo... the irony

    4. Ponargonian


      Having opinions.

      Very metal-like.

  8. Reenactment day! and I get to burn powder!

  9. All I can say is... well... Bollocks. That was it for me, gents. Have fun with Bronydom, for I am leaving MLP for good. My apologies, but I simply cannot see how this won't ruin the MLP storyline:

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    2. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      It's ultimately a spin off series. Despite what it may look like, this doesn't affect the main FiM canon.

    3. LVL


      it's a movie, it says "In movie theaters" at the end of the trailer

    4. Suitaloo


      It's a movie? Thank god, not watching that shit. It honestly looks kinda stupid too. Really, Ed Edd n Eddy was the only show for me that could pull off weird-ass skin colors like actual yellow or purple and still be good. Not racist, just I find them kind of unsettling. Twilight looks like she is constantly being strangled.

  10. So... now that I'm 18, and with the 'approval' (not quite but w/e) of me' parents, I shall buy a musket.

    1. Ruby


      awesome!! haha, if i were to ever own a firearm (while unlikely) it would probably be a weapon styled after older ones.

  11. My compliments to the 3rd Buffs.

  12. That feel when you wake up at 5am feeling like shit.

  13. Reenactment is fun. Too bad we shot a volley and chunks of burnt paper landed on a cameraman's hair. Lol.

  14. So... it seems it's my time to grab a pitchfork and join the angry mobs of my country.

    1. Ruby


      what's happening there? #livesunderarock

  15. I say, what if the earth orbits the sun?

    1. Ponargonian


      Banned for blasphemy.

    2. Xanneo


      That's silly. We all know that the Earth is the center of the universe.

  16. Facebook account locked temporarily due to malware.... Well... bugger.

  17. This is interesting. Finally a nicely made dub...

    1. Zelc


      NO! My one chance in watching an MLP anime has gone flat...

    1. Rad-man


      Color me impressed, daaamn.

    2. Rad-man


      I want the credits in wallpaper form.

    3. Doc. D

      Doc. D

      No words can explain how much I enjoyed that.