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  1. Because everyone should play it at least once. Also Spirit Engine, if you can get over all it's flaws. Luckily, Spirit Engine 2 does not directly connect with Spirit Engine other than mechanically, so you don't have to play the first to play the second.
  2. I prefer to use the program. Which I'm not on wizards forums right now. So I should just name it. MWS.
  3. You read wonderful spam and it was wonderful for it was wonderful spam.
  4. The Place Promised in Our Early Days
  5. Mike & Ikes If nothing else, having a five pound bag of them for a party which led to me eating over four pounds of leftovers proved that they were my favorite because I didn't get sick of them. Other candies are good, but almost all I can't stand eating too much of. Maybe Fruit Slices are also in that exceptional range of being unable to get sick of, but never tried.
  6. Haven't played and I don't think I intend to purchase it, but the first thing that shaped my opinion of it was it's 6 on 6 multiplayer. Why so low?
  7. I read it every now and then, but I've never felt the urge to add it to the favorites tab on IE that has over 100 listed webcomics, half of which are now dead or complete. Funny thing is, I only use IE to check webcomics now. Anyway, Nerf Now has some funny comics.
  8. I have some casual commander decks thrown together and some very poorly constructed constructed decks. Nothing remotely standard. Haven't had a standard deck since slightly after the Alara Block. I'm not sure how you play on Skype though. I've only ever played online via forum posts, MWS, and Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, which I really shouldn't count, but I might as well. i also watched two guys playing via an AIM group chat, but they couldn't seem to keep track of what they were doing very well.
  9. I would hope my new overlord would know how to use you're and your... I was hoping nobody would beat me to that. I once might have hoped such things. How sad it is to have realize how one has fallen.
  10. If only everyone went to the store like that.
  11. ...and this is why I only ever play on Ponyville, presuming you are talking about TF2 anyway. This is a reference to TF2.
  12. ******* ADMINS.
  13. Well, I'm sold. Time to become a farmer.
  14. My first doctor was the ninth, followed swiftly by the fourth and third.