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  1. I was playing on the server yesterday, and my friend eventually took over for me while I went off to do other stuff. As far as I can tell, I was at 1200 karma to start with, and he managed to get me down to the ban number. I think that's like 400 or something. I don't know how many people "i" killed or people "i" made rage, but I'm sorry and I promise this will never happen again. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52164459 SourceBans
  2. Personally I use these 2 plugins on my server: TF2 Medipacks - TF2 Ammopacks - For medicpacks, when a medic dies they drop a medpack depending on how much ubercharge they have and can drop a medpack whenever they like. For ammopacks, replace medpack with ammopack, medic with engineer, and ubercharge with metal. Also increasing the volume of the sound mod sounds would be cool also, and you have to add "YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!" I mean how could that not be there?