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  1. Rules are simple, try to spell your name with your forehead and see what are the results Heres Mine: c0o9jh7w354f45qr54
  2. Hello! I've recently came to the community a month ago and decided to fully join the community and sign up to the forums to well, talk to you guys after I was bored in Garry's Mod. Started to take a break around 8.3 k Hours or so and start a new experience in Team Fortress 2, after my recent scam across a BMOC & Unusual Attendant that is estimate around $70-120 3 months ago. When I first came to the forums thru my Firefox, I recieved this kind of Layout instead of the original one in Steam Overlay. Here is the comparison using Steam's Web Browser and Firefox's Web Browser For many of you questions on how I got TF2 and the Firefox operating both on the same time, its called a Duel Monitor. Its great, try it out! You can watch Youtube while playing