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  1. I have a steam comunity beta i wanna sell for if i can 2 tour of duty passes if u can help me then can u mmsg me on steam

  2. hey just wondering can i wear a pyromancer's mask with both fosters and sight?

    1. Suitaloo


      yes, it should be a misc Item, but it isn't.

  3. When I get a Name Tag what should I name my Hale's Own Jarate?

    1. Suitaloo


      Bear Gryll's Brand Lemonade

    2. nope


      Horse Pop

      (amazing horse reference)

    3. Suitaloo


      Revise that, "Bear Gryll's Own Lemonade"

  4. finally reached hale's own piss

    1. Pinkie Pie™

      Pinkie Pie™

      lol i love my jarate

    2. KevN


      Throwing another man's pee at people. Stay classy.

    3. nope


      Like a baws

  5. Jarate is now 26 soaks away from being epic lol spent the day only using jarate and got 2500 hits with it

    1. 11111111


      Hale's Own here. :3

    2. Pinkie Pie™

      Pinkie Pie™

      imma re name it when it gets to hales rank

    3. Suitaloo


      Hale's Own Lemonade?

  6. Yay my jarate is almost rank server clearing

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Screwsies


      You are that disgusting. Throwing piss at everyone like a animal!

    3. Haze


      my jarate is simply rank.

    4. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash


      Also, that's a lot pee.

  7. comment if you love th great RPG Cthulhu!

    1. Pinkie Pie™

      Pinkie Pie™

      ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah nagl fhtagn

  8. ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah nagl fhtagn

    1. Suitaloo



    2. Pinkie Pie™

      Pinkie Pie™

      do u know of the rpg cthulhu?

  9. oh the suspence is killin me
  10. I'm in when is the draw?
  11. anyone got a s.detonator

    1. DJPON3™


      no but I know someone who does

    2. Pinkie Pie™

      Pinkie Pie™

      how much do they want for it

  12. buying Strange Detonator
  13. YAY I LOVE U: OhHaiDare

  14. can some one do me a big favor and buy me a copy of sanctum on steam this weekend is only 2.50 plz i will pay u back just look at my invintory

    1. Xanneo


      I would, but I don't have money in my Steam wallet. :/

    2. OhHaiDare


      Should have it by tonight

  15. S.BackBurner I named Pinkie's Pony Roaster