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  1. still hurts. lol
  2. looks like he broke his mouth with the bridge :X
  3. Want to connect to your favorite Ponyville server directly from the TF2 title screen? Download This File If you do not play TF2 in widescreen or use a low resolution, Download This Version. Once the contents are placed into your Team Fortress 2 folder, your title screen should look similar to this: If you have a reserved slot on the server, this will also allow you to connect automatically without having to enter the console. NOTE: This may break whenever there is a major TF2 update. If that happens, check back to this thread to see if Raini has posted an updated version. Installation Instructions Extract the contents of this .rar to your desktop. It should appear as a folder called "tf". Now browse to the path of your TF2 installation. It should look similar to this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\YOUR STEAM LOGIN\team fortress 2 Drag the "tf" folder from your desktop to this folder. Windows will ask if you wish to merge these folders. Click "yes". Windows will ask if you wish to overwrite or replace the GameMenu.res and MainMenuOverride.res files. Click yes or "move and replace". Now you're done! Restart Team Fortress 2 and you should see three buttons for all of the TF2 servers. Thanks go to FlutterDash for providing us with this new and improved menu. =)
  4. added cp_clocktower_b1b cp_mainline_rc6 pl_swiftwater_frc16 more on the server, just havint tried them out.
  5. you kinda look like Michael Cera
  6. got ctf_haarp working. was broken for a wile. more maps tomarrow :3
  7. this guy
  8. adding a few new maps on the server. cp_bazillion cp_furnace plr_whalerace adding more tonight.
  9. :D their so cute when their new
  10. since tf2 has gone free 2 play, i have seen this allot. Think im going to do allot more mentoring on tf2.