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  1. One slot left? I arrived just in time, then. I notice something of an inconsistent art style, but that's okay—it's more for your practice than for me. Anyway, I request/challenge you to draw my fan character, Perfect Balance in human form. I give you full artistic license as to his human form—if you really want to challenge yourself, you could try him in an action pose, wielding a small knife, but that's up to you.
  2. The long and short of the information I've received is that no one in this community actually knows how to model human characters. That's a [citation needed], though, and a big one at that—it's the logic I've been given to justify that Dragonfire and Apple Bloomers can never become bosses, but I've also been told that Sunset Shimmer would take on her demonic human form when she rages. I'd love for the EqG bosses to take on their human forms; it's the form in which they're recognized, and we don't have any humans yet (Something something something spice of life). But as far as I know, it's not happening for technical reasons.
  3. Can you elaborate a little on what sort of drawing I could get for my donation? I do have a few drawings I could request, as well as a key lying around in my pack that I never intend to use, but I imagine that asking for a massive group picture of, like, fourteen characters for my donation is unrealistic. I checked your DeviantART page, and there's no information on "regular" commissions, so I'm afraid I have to ask you. I'd also be glad to take a look at your game sometime, if you're looking for testers. I'm something of a budding game developer, myself.
  4. It's entirely possible that I only think this because my quota for epic showdowns was left unfulfilled by Tirek's lackluster performance, but I believe that Glimmer believes what she believes in order to hold power over others. While I acknowledge that she never renounced her own ideology, nor mocked her ex-followers for believing it, I think that if she were truly interested in achieving total equality, she would have found a way to make it work. Is it not too much of a stretch to assume that a unicorn-wizard of her prowess could enchant the Staff of Sameness to work as advertised?
  5. My greatest fear is the one that I created—a vision that came to me in a dream years ago, yet remembered as crisply as a photograph. An amalgamation of all my little ticks and fears, it touch it is enough to make the flesh disintegrate, the blood boil, and the very human mind cry out in anguish. ...But it would take a while to recount. As for the material world, something that genuinely frightens me is the idea of being poisoned. Most ways to die come with ways to avoid or fight back attached, but if you're poisoned, you're going to need some very specific treatment or you're hopeless.
  6. I notice we have a new shipment of bosses, save the one that's been done the longest—I'm far from ungrateful, but still I wonder, what happened to Five Nights at Pinkie's? I'd like to think it's being saved behind the counter for a Halloween release, but that doesn't make any sense...anyone who would be around to justify the boss would probably be playing the (Sigh) fourth installment in the series.

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      The boss was finished 4-5 months ago. Take a guess :|

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      Steel Crescent

      I agree with colgate.. im not a FNAF fan but i would still like to see this boss added. Who exactly is ruining it for everyone.

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      Well I don't personally really want it lol. But I understand other's point of view on it is what I'm saying

  7. I understand that they're considered a lower priority by the developers at large, but I wanted to drop off an idea regarding the widely disliked Vinyltavia Duo. I like how their rages cancel each other out (Vinyl's Tempo Increase speeds up time, Octavia's Tempo Decrease slows down time, and together, they just have normal speed), but I think we all agree on the fact that matrix attacks are dumb, so I'm looking to revamp these rages while still keeping that aspect through extraneous abilities--specifically, by incorporating their approaches to musical performances. Thus, their weapons will be infused with a Hype meter that builds as they move around (Like the Soda Popper), and when full, they can activate an ability that gives them a minor buff. That buff also comes with an unrelated hindrance, and is shared with their partner. Vinyl Scratch Vinyl's altfire is the Adrenaline Rush*, turning her nervous energy outward into a frighteningly powerful force. Her movement speed and her attack speed get a slight increase, but this additional quickness is counterbalanced with an increased vulnerability—~15% increase in damage from all sources, and a dramatic vulnerability against Critical Hits. Use this ability to pick off a straggler in a one-on-one battle, or while foes are scattered--naturally, don't use it against Demoknights or KGBs. As for her rage...well, I admit it may not be the best, but I do have one idea: her rage, in addition to an Obligatory Sentry Stun, allows her to put down a Disc-Master 3000, a quickly-deploying Sentry that does what Sentries do best: auto-target enemy players and hurl projectiles at them. The DM3000 has a range of about 800 Hammer Units, and fires speedy vinyl records that deal about 75 damage at a speed that's a little quicker than how fast an L3 Sentry fires rockets. Once the DM3000 has depleted its ammo reserve, it self-destructs (It'd be hilarious if the explosion also did damage, but I can understand if it can't). If this winds up being too dumb, it might be wise to let only one DM3000 be deployed at a time. Octavia Octavia's altfire is the Deep Breath*, cancelling the noise about her and letting her truly focus on her objective. It functions as the opposite of Vinyl's—her movement and attack speed is slightly slowed, but she gets a damage resistance from all sources, especially against Critical Hits. This attack is best used while being swarmed, though keep in mind it will make chasing down your foes harder. Octavia's new rage...admittedly uninspired, but what if she took an actually-cool move from the Matrix? With Octavia's rage, a barrier shield will be formed around her, and any projectile that touches it—including the Disc-Master 3000's records—gets taken into the shield (This means she's still vulnerable to hitscan and melee). Pressing mainfire while in this rage will fling out every projectile as if it had been airblasted (Including minicrit bonus), with a minor homing factor on nearby foes (Following for a second or two, then stopping). (* I have a bad habit of naming things just for flavor purposes.) In this way, the bosses can shed their public-rage shell and become more teamwork-oriented as a well-made duo boss is, while keeping the aspect of Vinyl and Octavia sometimes failing to cooperate. ...I'll also take this opportunity to shamelessly re-dump my music suggestion for them, Lindsey Stirling's "Swag." I can never be certain if anyone sees the music suggestions because they often don't elicit responses.
  8. I was really into this idea (Even though I think almost no one would ever utilize it) but then I saw this part. Scout can use Bonk Atomic Punch to make himself invulnerable while performing his tauntkill, which actually makes it one of the safest tauntkills to perform in the entire game (The fact it makes no noise until the swing itself contributes partially to that fact). This would need to do waaaay less damage.
  9. So...why does the Scout lose Flying Guillotine when he becomes the Last Man Standing? I mean, I'm told that Scout loses any given Secondary upon becoming Lastman because of stalling issues regarding the Crit-a-Cola and Bonk!, but then why not remove only those weapons? One could argue that crit-cleavers are really broken and dumb (And I can't disagree, they were made that way intentionally for the Sandman-Cleaver combo), but the whole purpose of Lastman Crits is to give that last man a chance to close the gap and finish off the boss, and, since the Guillotine removes the Primary already, a cleaver Scout is left with nothing but a Melee. A Melee already crit-boosted. You're being punished for surviving to the end—I know this server hates Scouts, but does it have to hate Scouts that much? I'd like to see if the Scout could keep their crit-cleavers, how that would play out, but at the very least, I'd like to have a Primary reimbursed if a Guillotine Scout manages to become the Lastman.
  10. Alright, alright, time for me to weigh in on this whole festival in a more tangible place than in a server or a temporary chatbox. I've been watching Scootafest with open eyes since Day 1, and I've got to say, I've seen a lot of clever ideas come out of him. I don't know if I like them all; I don't know if they all stand a chance of even being added. But I'd say it's about time I weigh in my thoughts, here in this dedicated thread. I may not have something to say about every idea, but I do have thoughts on a few. Day 1 Regarding the Great and Powerful Duo: As somepony who's personally been hoping that Trixie and Twilight would one day work together since the day he first saw Trixie, I understandably and wholeheartedly support the idea of this boss. One thing I always did like about the old functionality of this boss, though, was how poor coordinators would kill each other how they shared each other's Rages (When Twilight raged, the same effects would apply to Trixie, and vice-versa). I'd like to see that be brought back in some way, perhaps through use of the alt rages? Twilight gets a temporary stock of fireworks, Trixie gets a less powerful vortex? Something to think about. Also, I don't know how you feel about I Will Rise, but I notice Trixie by herself doesn't have it, and I figure now's as good a time to suggest it for her or this duo. Regarding Swirlstar the Beardly: I love the idea of him having nothing but wizardry to defend himself, no melee sidearm or anything—and I don't mean that sarcastically. I've always seen Starswirl as the kind of person who would be very proud of his magical ability. Giving him multiple tiers of Rage works as well, as it gives him more opportunities to fight back with his unconventional weaponry (Counter-summoning a Monoculus to draw fire away from himself, for instance, would be a clever use of his abilities). However, I'm not entirely convinced that he should have to stand still while charging up his lightning bolt—I'd need a better scope on how powerful it is to make a decision on that. Perhaps he could even have an easily-accessible "Magic Missile" attack, with a chargeable altfire that blasts lightning. Dunno about that, just thinking out loud. Also, "It's About Time" suggested that Starswirl made great breakthroughs in the field of chronomancy (His wing contained time travel spells, and was decorated with a giant hourglass). It may be appropriate to give him some form of time slow power. Day 2 Regarding the Dazzlings: I just want to urge that this boss will need extensive testing. With how Sonata is basically wholly dedicated to speeding up her teammates, and Aria, to slowing down her enemies, it could make for an easy-breezy win for Adagio and company. Corral all the wretches together, use Adagio's sound shockwave, and everyone dies. It needs to be watched closely. It's also pretty strange that Sonata is the only one with an alt rage, though I understand why that is. Day 3 Regarding King Sombra: At this point, I understand that my vision for Sombra was perhaps less than ideal, and I'm willing to make compromises and accept new ideas in order to get a boss in that probably should have been in a while ago. (Also, Shadow Sneak is brilliant and I hate myself for having not thought of it.) The one footnote I will add here is that, in this draft, the Crystal Heart may come across as there simply for the sake of being there. I wanted the role of the Crystal Heart in terms of lore to be reflected mechanically—as an object of great power that must be kept out of the hands of the boss at all costs (Hence the players pass it around etc etc.) That may have led to it being a more powerful buff than necessary, but having it spawn multiple times and grant temporary buffs cheapens the effect of having it at all to me. But I suppose I'll leave game mechanics for the actual programmers to decide. Regarding the Mane-iac: I've pondered sketching the Mane-iac before, but I always thought she ought to have some sort of gimmick where she could grapple enemies with her mane, and I could never come up with a good way to do that in terms of how TF2 actually works. I do like the idea behind Madmare Mode (Sorry, Crazy Mode has no ring to it), in how she builds momentum and gets faster, though. I'd like to see this boss get added if only just to see how that mechanic plays out. Day 4 (You are Here) Regarding Little Pip & Velvet Remedy: Excuse me, what? I understand that the whole time slow thing is supposed to reflect Little Pip using VATS, but being realistic, how is an enemy player supposed to counter usage of VATS? I could see her suffering from Mega Pony Syndrome, to some extent (Trying to navigate to the gun she wants), but with how powerful each of the weapons seem to be, on top of VATS, she sounds so easy to use that I can't see why she'd even need the support of Velvet. I think this boss is going to need a lot of reworking before I'm convinced it's anything resembling server-worthy. Regarding Prince Blueblood: I thought the whole gimmick with this boss was that he would be a poor fighter, and he had to run away and hopefully clock out everyone else? I admit, I'm wary of "wind down the clock" bosses, due to the Slenderman boss that everyone hated where I came from, but I really do think that's the best way to make Blueblood work. He was a posh son of a bitch that everyone was out for, and a coward, at that; he would rather run and shove other ponies out of the way than dirty his hands fighting mercs. As it stands, this looks more like a sketch for (Please don't kill me for saying his name) Flash Sentry more than anything. ...And the range of the thrust definitely needs to be kept in mind, or he's going to have such a time getting all the spellbook-toting dorks who use Jump to camp in high places.
  11. 1. Swing and a miss. The thread for suggesting new boss mechanics is over there. 2. A Zecora boss is already 100% finished, and only awaits approval by Rainicorn. 3. ...What on Earth is with this idea? I'm assuming you mean the summoning would function as a Rage, but...a Rage is designed to let a boss temporarily gain the upper hand and destroy a small crowd of players or pick off a particularly annoying one—here, emphasis on temporarily. If the minion is invulnerable to damage and cannot be airblasted into a pit, that's a pretty permanent benefit. Even then, there's little incentive to use it—if they take minicrit damage for all the damage the "voodoo doll" takes, might as well do all the work themselves. Counterbalancing it with more vulnerability on the boss itself wouldn't really work, even if it compounded each time it was used, because they would just hide behind invulnerable minions and let them do all the work. I just can't see it working well.
  12. Did somepony say "speech?" And on the topic of ponies? Well, you are in luck, my friend, you are in so much luck, because guess who has delivered a speech about pony before? <-- This guy! Alright, so let's start at the beginning: it's a persuasive piece, which means your objective is to convince your audience of some key opinion. The method in doing so typically revolves around a combination of logically sound appeals and emotionally touching appeals, all while demonstrating that you are knowledgeable and credible on your subject. So, the question on which to start is...what about bronies are you going to convince me on? Are they a good thing? Are they a bad thing? Is their existence natural? Does it foreshadow bigger changes in corporations' approach to children's animation as a whole? Pick a stance! That's the place to start.
  13. Actually, on that note, I did have a thought for a theme for the Vinyltavia Duo: I am also here to bring two more boss ideas to the table. These will probably be the last for a while, but inspiration strikes when I least expect it, so who knows when I'll be back? First, a bit of an older character, very popular for her time, but now faded into obscurity... And a character from the stars above, a favorite among all... For those of you who don't know who Dragonfire is, try to remember last year's April Fools shenanigans. This...( )...was a commercial that the Hub aired on that day, teasing at a mature, sci-fi world spinoff of FiM. It was wildly popular, and many still want it to become a reality, and I hope a boss concept such as this could deliver in some way. "Chaos, how do you expect us to model it? We got a brief glimpse of his face and that's it!" Use your imagination. Model: Pyro with some Soldier animations would probably be the easiest way to do it, though Soldier with Pyro animations isn't out of the question if balance demands he take afterburn damage. Default weapon: To keep with the whole sci-fi atmosphere (And, y'know, because his name is Dragonfire), it seems appropriate to have Dragonfire's default weapon be a Manmelter. It would function effectively the same as the existing weapon, with a slight damage buff (And/or maybe a reload speed buff? The Manmelter has a long wait between firing...), and the Detonator's perk of minicritting players that are already alight. I've pondered the idea of letting him get crits by extinguishing burning enemies with the altfire, but I have no idea how that would turn out in play...or if that could turn out. I have no idea if he should have a melee sidearm, or, if so, how powerful it would be. Ability: Super Jump Rage: For a brief time, Dragonfire becomes Ubered, and once his audio clip finishes, the rage begins (Like Cheese's Main Rage). For the duration of the rage (Which I leave up to the discretion of the people that do claim to know balance), the map will be bombarded with laser strikes from the Orbital Friendship Cannon above. These powerful blasts have an obvious visual cue, but little delay, and effectively vaporize anything they hit. It would be nice if it could aim in the same vague vincinity of players instead of completely at random, and sometimes specifically target a Sentry, but I have no idea if that's even remotely doable. For this time, Dragonfire can also make use of the Cow Mangler 5000. This weapon functions effectively the same as the edition used by Soldiers in VSP—four shots in the chamber at once, shots ignite and minicrit burning players—but has some glorified stats; probably, again, a slightly quicker reload rate. It'd also be nice to see the charged shot minicrit on non-burning players while critting burning players, but that might be excessive—maybe that's just how I want the players' Cow Mangler to work. Once the duration has expired, Dragonfire defaults back to his regular weapon and the lasers stop bombarding the map. Theme: He can probably borrow other popular sci-fi/space western themes, but as for themes directly related to him, I did find this mix based off of the BGM from the trailer: MLP Dragonfire Main Theme SFX/Voice: I might not bother, but the only source material is a thirty-second clip, so trying to hash out some lines for him was pretty simple. "Quarter-Tech Mark Dragonfire, Division M6. You can call me Spike." Rage: "As long as there is discord in the universe...we...will...fight." Using Ability: "We ride." Defeat? Victory? ???: "For generations, we've wandered the stars, searching for a place we can all live in harmony..."
  14. So remind me why "My Past is Not Today" is a two-minute bonus clip coming out after the movie was made instead of being...y'know...what the movie was actually about?
  15. It's not a secret well kept that a majority of the server dislikes fighting Flutterbat (There is, I note, a small minority that still likes her), and I think I've figured out why: she just takes so long to fight. She has a cloak mechanic which is basically required to play her with any degree of success, and then her rage gives her the ability to randomly nullify any and all incoming damage. Either of these mechanics alone could probably work, but both of them together creates a boss with very, very few opportunities where they are actually vulnerable to attack, leading to a boss fight that drags on far more than necessary. Enter the Flutterstall. But it occurs to me: how does this boss mechanically reflect a feral, vampyric edition of Fluttershy, anyway? She doesn't feel like a fierce, powerful creature that is hunting the players and sucking their blood apple juice, she just feels like some random thing skulking about in the night. I consider this a problem. Teal Deer edition: I'm here to propose a revamp to Flutterbat so people hate her less and she reflects the whole idea of being a vampire better. First things first: kill the cloak entirely. Axe it. Boom. Done. Instead, Flutterbat would have another utility: firing a Super Jump without looking up will cause her to Lunge a short distance through the air in that direction. Any player hit by the Lunge would be down for the count, but it cannot pass through and hit more than one player, and Flutterbat has an increased vulnerability to all damage while Lunging. Every player killed by Flutterbat drops a conspicuously-seen apple, which she can eat at any time to restore her health (~200 HP per apple?). Kills dealt by backstabs or by Lunging may yield more apples, and thus more health regeneration. I'd ditch the old rage, too, personally. Maybe temporarily coat the map in that bat-trail effect that tells all the players where she is as it stands, give her a speed boost, reduce cooldown on her Super Jump so she can Lunge more (This one might not be needed). I dunno. I suppose the old one could be kept, since the cloak is dead. Hover could be kept or scrapped, depending on how it blends with the new Lunge ability.