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  1. That song Smile. I just found my new theme song. This is why i love and call myself Pinkie so much! <333

  2. Enjoy lol.
    1. Machinko


      0w0....got nothing more to say

  3. Gonna make a silly video with Rainbow Dash in it. It's amazing how i come up with these things and nobody hasn't lol.

    1. woodledoodledoodledoodle
    2. JazyKuun


      Trust me, majority of these ideas i got nobody has uploaded yet.

  4. Holy crap, i won a book on how to draw with copic markers from one of my favorite artists. This is the 2nd DeviantArt prize that i won from one of my favorite artists. I think i'm a lucky charm for these things. o-o This is what i won. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/030/7/e/colouring_book_pre_orders_open_by_oceanchan-d4o5c5v.jpg

    1. OhHaiDare


      I need that, I can't color for poop

  5. *Facepalms* Are you serious? =.= I feel sorry for dudes looking at chicks in bikinis and porn stuff through Facebook lol.
  6. Am i the only person that laughs so hard when you see someone on TF2 die and fly like a ragdoll or hear them scream from a distance like the Spy's death scream? God i'm such a goofy girl!

    1. Rainbro Dash

      Rainbro Dash

      I dunno, but I get a giddy satisfaction from headshots.

      I'm not a violent person, but I still feel this way.

    2. OhHaiDare


      I love how the spy screams from getting killed by a crit or headshot

  7. Gonna go snuggle up in my bed~ God why is it so cold in February? D:

    1. Suitaloo


      because your in the northern hemisphere.

    2. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      And it's winter. Winter = cold for the most part.

    3. Cinnamon Groove
  8. I see. I might play on practice with some bots on Expert and see how i do as a Spy, Demo and Soldier.
  9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit = Great movie <333. I wonder what would happen if they did a pony version of that movie with a great storyline and a guy trying to kill the ponies with DIP. Fucking awesome. :3

    1. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      "Who Framed Pinkie Pie?" win.

    2. HughMann


      I like this idea.

  10. Thanks so much! I want all the advice i need since i only play Engineer and Pyro and sometimes Medic if the team is bitching for one and won't play as one. I remember backstabbing a engineer in a idle server and he bitched about me killing him and ordered his team to kill me but they didn't listen so i know how that feels! xD As for Demo, i tend to spam but i use the default grenade and sticky launcher and this bloody sword (Forgot the name) so i dunno if that loadout is the best. As for Soldier, i just use whatever weapon i have sitting in my backpack and play around with it. I can't really rocket jump too well because i play TF2 on my laptop (Touchpad obviously) so i don't have a USB mouse to perfect it compared to some people and trust me, it's hard. e.e As for the spy, i use the Cloak and Dagger and the gun that gets crits on headshots (I think?) and the default knife. Any loadout suggestions would be nice since i tend to craft the items i get for the classes for scrap metal.
  11. Play as a great Demoman, Soldier and Spy? I'm shit at those classes. I usually play them for the lulz but i somehow get kills but die quick. As for the Spy, i hide in the shadows for 5 minutes and then come out, stab and die. Only classes i'm good with is Engineer, Pyro and Medic. I'm so-so with Heavy.
  12. Subbed cause the man is awesome. Now if only the rest of the cast were to do this for us.
  13. I always thought Doctor Whooves and Derpy was a terrible couple.
  14. I know i'll be getting something from my father and i wanna stock up on some candy hearts. Shit is good.