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  1. How funny, OhaiDare sent me some weird link, lucky my security system was able to detect it as a "Fraudlent web page"

    1. nope


      Yeah he got hacked aperantly

    2. Trickiert
  2. This sucks, Steam is derping out for me...and its taking longer than usual.

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    2. Mr. Kochi Bracegirdle

      Mr. Kochi Bracegirdle

      Steam went offline today for maintenance purposes.

      Its back already, though...

      And despite the fuck up, 20 guys joined clan training today...

    3. Appleachia


      Down again for me. -.-

    4. 11111111


      I heard Gabe sat on it again.

  3. Welp, I have to make a new Steam profile today, My email is f***ed up, and I have to verify some code for my Steam account that's sent to my email. God damnit....

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    2. FlipFlopFloop


      But what about all the games that you own linked to your old account?

    3. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      That sucks man. Surely there must be a way around it, like contacting Steam support?

    4. leonpillow


      Steam support won't help, its my email that controlled my account.

  4. Apparently I'm good at being friends with Hale, well if the guy is friendly or not.

    1. nope


      Peace, love and tollerance to everyone, even to Saxton Hale

  5. God damnit Valve, I can't check out anything at the Mann Co. store, and I was just hoping to give 20 keys to some random people.

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Wow, you are going to give 20 keys to random people? Certainly generous, good on you.

    2. Calzone


      looks like it's time to level my pickpocket skill <_<

  6. I'm in a good mood, since I gifted Ben Garry's Mod.

  7. Just went to the Poniponiponi server and...

    1. OhHaiDare
    2. nope


      And???? The suspence! It's killing me! TELL US WHAT HAPPENED!

  8. lol,just found something about FiM on my gameinformer magazine.

    1. Pinkie Pie™
    2. leonpillow


      Well its about the last issue:"Who You Calling Frilly?"

      and I think it was about Gameinformer hating FiM and some brony protecting that. um thing.

    3. Zelc


      It had a bunch of bronies defending the show and sending letters to GameInformer - I'd do the same thing. I'm not sure what happened from there. At the end they showed Rarity's "not amused" face.

  9. Yay, the steam winter sale is going on and I just bought the Sam & Max Complete pack, for 12$.

  10. Why does Gabe give us more hats than weapons?

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    2. nope


      You find it if you pay 2$ for a key and gets lucky.

    3. PK Rockin'

      PK Rockin'

      oh god. Let's see: got my credit cards... LETS DO THIS

    4. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Otherwise, you get another hat.

  11. Just bought the engi winter pack and the wrench is just badass

  12. Well its Winter break...who wants cake?

  13. I seem to be good at minecraft but I'm awful in Terrarria

  14. Well I've gone premium, yay! Also I'm no longer a F2P loser.

    1. OhHaiDare


      Lol, well congratz

    2. nope


      Hey, my best IRL friend is F2P and he can play a damn mean Sniper. But have fun with the hats!