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  1. Uh no, very unlikely unless you have a Model of the boss herself already completely done and the code done as well, and also the Hale getting any kind of outside HP recovery is a no go as well since the coding in the server is somewhat different if i remember correctly that makes the Hale and minions unable to heal unless it's a Dispenser as a disguised changeling and or Bear getting healed by Fluttershy.
  2. I'm pretty sure a majority of the community already dislikes Stun mechanics and it has already been stated that anything Stun related was to never be used anymore for bosses because how easy it is to get a kill and how un-fun it is against red team. I highly suggest thinking of a different rage mechanic besides stun/freeze/fear/bind.
  3. The only way to change the "Brony" under your picture is to have donated to the server and contacted Raini through the forum email about donating(providing the information) to get the "20% Cooler" tag to replace it.
  4. Eh which is it Lockhart or Lockheart. Cause Lockheart with an 'e' is Val's current name.
  5. Actually Pinkamena, Lockheart is Val, He/she changed their name to that recently considering that only admins have access to maps that are not in the map rotation selection.
  6. Like i said, Lockheart is Val, and no bans do not get lifted unless you think you were in the wrong and have to file an appeal.
  7. Weapon's Depo is an admin only map and from what that i know of there shouldn't be any bannable spots on that map, but if Val said a spot was bannable well just take the precaution immediately instead of ignoring it even if they break some rules themselves, well for a bit of info, most admins technically shouldn't change their name so they can still be recognized easily when needed to listen too and or to call in, it's best to listen to what Lockheart says generally. That is a question i can't answer assuming if the rumors are true it might or might not be fixed, i do not know unfortunately.
  8. From what i see in the bans list, you was banned by Val for 3 days for map exploiting, now depending on the map could you tell me the name of that map that you played on to get a better understanding.
  9. The standard damage bonus on most Hale servers is +200% which is the (195), but on VSP it's +210% for most bosses which is the (202-218), one has +400%, +1000%/+100%, +210%/+60%, and Spy Hales with unnecessary damage bonuses.
  10. Spy Hales still do way too much damage regardless of whatever Damage Bonus they have, on another server that i play on, Spy Hales damage are completely balanced in this way: They have no Damage Bonus at all (and have a hidden stat that makes their damage set at 65 per stab that's not a back-stab no matter what, so the player has to rely on actual Skill/trick-stabs/matadors/pure spy mechanics) They can't disguise at all (unless their rage gives them one) They don't ever go invisible at all (unless their rage gives them one) +20% more damage vs buildings (cause their knife requires this no matter what) I'd rather'd get back-stabbed by the Hale instead of taking a 210+ knife stab to the face as a Demo with 4+ heads which is frustrating. Spy Hales are the only bosses that i think should require actual planning of taking mercenaries down with a plan of stealth, never up close and personal with their given rage mechanic. Sure current Rarity has the mechanics of a good Spy Hale, but her damage is the main Problem cause she can just walk up to a mercenary and stab them for 210+ damage with no effort at all.
  11. Could you read this first http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/6638-posting-guidelines-read-before-posting/ and then fix your post, it'll help the staff a lot to figure out what happened and easier for them to deal with it faster.
  12. Several players that mainly play on the Texas Server has been wanting to know if these issues have been discussed about and resolved within the Admins to suppress any future problems on the VSP servers. The problem with ping maskers especially those that mask their ping when they actually have 200+ ping while in the Texas servers, Hopefully this problem has been discussed about resolved as being kickable and or a bannable offense? The R rage problem with Pinkie Pie and Braeburn since it can be used in the air during it making the Hale able to freely strafe through the air and get goombas' when the hale itself is supposed to do the taunt as well in which to my eyes is an exploit, Hopefully this has been resolved as a kickable and or a bannable offense especially since exploits is clearly mentioned on the motd. Hopefully these problems has been discussed about within the Admins and resolved with the recommended judgement to them so the people in this forum community that Constantly play on the VSP servers would like the clarified responses on these problems.
  13. Now this is something i would highly agree on.
  14. I kind of wished you took the time to look through the forums to find posts that was relating to this, but i don't think that's the case, so i'll leave a link here regarding this since it was already talked about: http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/7537-certain-problems-on-vsp-that-needs-to-be-clarified/?do=findComment&comment=133179 This thread has the answer for your reply and hopefully answers it.
  15. Haha i remember this, that was so good.
  16. Is it possible to not bring up your medical conditions into something that's not related to that, plus the cap for scouts on the server is 3(not 5), and the spellbook used to have an attribute that allowed them to not being able to pick up ammo but instead it became health for them(that attribute was broken), i'm not sure if you even read the previous posts because some people already has stated that the -hp max on spellbooks has always been a thing, and not many players get angry about KGB's and HHH Demo's, since they're easily avoidable and highly goomba-able(Since HHH doesn't have a dmg resistance like the KGB, they die very quickly to this method), and i'll be honest i'd rather take the Mercenaries spell spam without raging them at all when i play Hale, because i don't care about winning/losing as the Hale as long as i get the satisfaction of killing players without needing to rely on a rage mechanic against them especially against those that need spells, cause when they suicide that's one less person for me to deal with(You have to let them get scared of a proposed tunnel and possible one rage to force them to hit that suicide key-bind, it's that easy)
  17. Well, i can understand that Spells on any class can be considered a high target, but the point is, why complain about them when the bosses are completely unbalanced in the same way, and most bosses that are(from my previous post on here): Unbalanced Bosses vs Spells, i see no reason to complain about spells at the moment until a huge overall fix happens to the Bosses and or the Spell-book itself, with it's previous stats if possible considering ammo becomes health is gone from TF2. -hp max for a downside is just a meh downside considering how most maps that get played on VSP mostly have small hp kits and or none at all, and the fact that almost all Hales already one shot mercenaries regardless of spells or not. So if you did have a spell-book does that mean you would've used it then, hmm? Well if you wanted to ask me if i use my Spell-book, Yes i use it a lot(On Halloween Servers!). But do i use it on the VSP servers, Rarely to almost never because i'd rather just play my normal classes without the need of a spell-book advantage/disadvantage(or whatever you view it as) since for me personally i highly dislike spells, but i'm not going to complain about them cause no matter what they'll always be unbalanced/overpowered(again, whatever you view it as). So yeah from what i said before: PS: When i get tunneled to no end, of course i would hit my suicide key-bind after a while, it's pointless to continue a fight if the Hale is just going to waste a single rage just for me because of their hard tunnel vision, that's primarily why a good amount of "Player Hales" tend to lose a lot because of this.
  18. This is a document regarding the Hale Crit Relevance chart that i made a while back in a older google document that someone else made that was previously removed. -Hale Crit Relevance Document-
  19. I didn't exactly want to say anything on this matter at all, but considering that, i'm just going to put my thoughts and what others have said to me about Kyle here. On Volcanic he played as Snowdrop and crashed a lot of people from the map, the Hale itself was banned from being played on Volcanic for this reason, He was told to suicide as Hale by a moderator, but refused to do so until the round time ended which is usually around 6-7 minutes of map time while people were still attempting to connect to the server while she was still active on the map.(Which is bannable) He was told to not spam chat binds in chat, he spammed the chat with chat binds 3+ times before leaving the server. I get that he's a fun guy to be around with, but being a moderator takes responsibility to allow the players to still have fun on the server without the nature of trolling and immaturity. Complaining about Staff not doing their job, and as well when they are doing their job. Until i see actual improvements in his maturity and actually listen to other Admins/Mods that are not listed in his group of friends, even if they're friends they still need to enforce the rules upon you when you break them, without looking the other way. So Overall, my vote for Kyle being a Mod is NO.
  20. The Market Garden Challenge! This challenge came into mind while discussing it with Gimpyprime about how the server doesn't have the base market garden item attributes that stock VSH/FF2 has in the items plugin. So while talking about it we wanted to see if there was any decent soldiers that was willing to take on this challenge, Even though the Market Garden does gives you full on crits in VSP, but it's not what the base plugin had intended it to do, it was primarily supposed to be similar to the Spy's Backstab but in the fashion for Soldiers. We also discussed about the weapon restrictions which is mandatory to use if you want to do the challenge, so the following weapons is mandatory for this challenge: Liberty Launcher Gunboots and or Man Treads Market Garden (Absolutely necessary) Now here's the catch, the damage you do with the loadout has to all come from the Market Garden and only that weapon, Goomba's are optional as well if you get them, If you happen to score over 2000 damage with the Market Garden/Goomba's, You can post a screenshot for it in this thread, But you must be in the screenshot itself showing the damage and or hovering your dead body the moment you died showing the damage and the weapon held has to have been your Market Garden. The main reason for the primary and secondary is too reduce the rocket jump damage you'd take if you plan to go for the hits. The primary reason for this challenge is to show that Market Garden shouldn't have gotten it's item attributes changed because it was supposed to be good with the right hands and bad in the wrong hands. If you're planning to participate in this challenge you can not use any other weapons that are not in the list above and you cannot use your primary as a damage weapon itself as well. Also for this challenge, Gimpyprime himself will not be participating in this as it would make everyone else at a disadvantage in Soldier jumping and market gardening in terms of skill level, the damage he did from the previous Soldier related Challenge. Plus this is also a means to have the Market Garden be useful once again on the server with it's original stats as VSH intended it to be, but overall just have fun with this while following the item set rules, i'll be thinking of other interesting challenges to do in the future while discussing it with some veterans from the server.
  21. Here is mine: Well seeing how this was a bit successful to get the Market Gardener buffed(Not in the way a lot of us hoped it to be) but it got buffed nevertheless.
  22. You do realize that the spells is a unique feature for the server right, it did have the "Ammo becomes heath" attribute but Valve removed that from the game during the Tough Break update, if the attribute still existed it would've been fine to change the number back to the old one, but nope. Also the word "Majority" on how you used it is incorrect considering that not everyone on the US servers use spells all the time, most of the time it's usually Snipers, Pyros(pre Reserve Shooter nerf), and Crossbow Medics, even then losing a -hp max additive isn't enough to stop spell spam, Col and myself had a really good idea to balance the spell usage, but yours is just a downgrade to the uniqueness of spells on the server, sure spell spam is annoying, but you have to deal with it most of the time. Plus Unicorns, Alicorns, Ironwill, Derpy, and EappleJack do disable spells for a short period of time when they rage, including Nightmare Moon she actually forces a mercenaries spell they have selected to be removed when she rages.
  23. Oh this glitch was already happening way before the recent TF2 update actually. Well don't forget that on the US servers the spellbooks still do the -max hp but they can pick up ammo which is completely broken cause the attribute was removed from TF2 and EU spellbooks don't do the -max hp and can pick up ammo, and US servers don't have !vc, they only have the one voice chat for English only and the soundlist has been broken for several months now.
  24. Here's a list of known issues that i have seen from playing on the server. Applejack's Stun doesn't work and her knock-back doesn't work as well, she does get her Uber/Knock-back resist. Luna's fear doesn't work. Doctor Whooves when he dies, he does his die effect but no explosion, and becomes stuck in place for the remainder of the round. Starlight Glimmer's Equalizer doesn't equalize players and her Ice shot doesn't freeze players in place cause they can still move around. Iron Will's Fear doesn't work, just does his small knock-back to players. Balloonicorn fear doesn't work. Princess Cadance stun doesn't work. Dovashy small fear doesn't work. Eppaljack rage stun doesn't work. Molestia and Kinkie's fear doesn't work. Princess Tia's Duo Sister fear rage doesn't work. Princess Twilight's main E rage fear does not work, and her R rage after effect doesn't work either where she fires her lazer but then momentarily stays still to recover, that doesn't work anymore, she can fire her lazer then stop and continue moving without resting in place. Zecora's Jar that she throws at players when it does the Car effect and or Freeze effect, the Player that get's car'd can't move, and the player that get's frozen can move.
  25. I can somewhat understand your concerns about people spraying over other peoples sprays, and yes i'm going to agree with Aurotzel on this, even if the spray is age appropriate it shouldn't be enforced as a rule to make it where players can't spray over other peoples sprays. But there is a rule that is enforced if the spray is NSFW/Adult related content and this is where it's highly "Not Recommended" to spray over those peoples sprays because if an Admin/Mod is in the server at the time and has to look over it to place a Ban, it could wrongfully target the wrong player if someone else's spray is over the Bad spray during it. But overall yes it's something you have to deal with, but if you want to be clever you can try to spray your spray in places that other players can still see it but not be able to get there themselves(included that it's age appropriate of course), sorry if this isn't much help to you. :l Oh, and yes for getting more Quad models for Donators to use considering that more ponies and some that haven't been used as ideas before would be nice.