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  1. Okay this was a huge discussion for a specific mercenary weapons arsenal that happened between myself and Auro(Col), with a little bit of help from Gimpy, So behold Our collaboration for the Soldier class weapon balance. Before i start the list for the Soldier, Most Rocket Launchers on the list should have a very specific trait back on them exactly how Stock VSH does for them to be on Par with Stock so Soldier players can rely on other Launchers rather than just Stock. I will also list the corresponding item attribute for each one, and the colors for the buffs and or nerfs for each said weapon. Also this is a TL:DR kind of post within the document, so sorry in advance. The Document for the Soldier Weapons
  2. Technically Gimpy wasn't supposed to do the challenge, he did do it, but on a different VSH server.
  3. Having my dream custom player model with my "Lulamoon" named Items equipped all together, and Playing Medic on the VSP server to save friends from death against the Pony Hales. TF2 Screenshot.
  4. To be honest the Market Gardener needs to revert back into the base VSH stats that it once had, the numbers on the side of the stats are it's TF2 attribute numbers from the wiki. The current Market Gardener stats on the server is this: 100% Increased Damage(2) Crits while Rocket Jumping(267) 20% slower firing speed(5) No random crits(15) 25% less primary ammo(77) In VSH, the latest update for Market Garden gave it properties that makes it really good to actually use: The Market Gardener stats in normal VSH is this: Crits while Rocket Jumping(267) 20% Slower firing speed(5) No random crits(15) But it also has this line of code to make it function to act the same as a backstab but only if the Soldier Rocket Jumps, and if the Hale get's gardened a sound file plays to alert the Hale they got gardened, same as the backstab sound file. Market Gardener code file.
  5. Currently loving Overwatch(with several balance issues needed for certain Heroes still) but great, loved the video considering you're one of the few great Engi players on the server.
  6. Ok, cause Fear is always better to use.
  7. How about not suggesting anything Stun related, that's the most annoying rage to ever be created and used, if it was just being feared sure that'll be fine cause players can still move and fear rages are the most basic and balanced rages that bosses use in general as a base, plus it was already noted that stun rages were not going to be used anymore considering that a majority of people severely hate it. Twilight getting a spellbook for 3 fire spells is ok but getting teleport spells is not, and for the thing about teleport, it's a bugged mechanic which in turn is not used, even for bosses that have it as a base movement ability can get stuck in certain places on certain maps if done right. But overall it depends on what type of teleport spell you're referring it to, like the straight forward teleport, the throw object forward and teleport to it, or the hale to merc teleport, cause the latter two are the ones that can make bosses stuck.
  8. Possible Medic stuff?
  9. Just letting you know, if your duo/triple partner suicides at the start of the round it's bannable(you can report it), plus it's wasting your time cause you lose all your queue points and they only lose half of theirs which is unreasonable actually, it'll be better to at least refund half of your queue points if they suicide at the start on purpose so you can play your duo/triple hale round again with someone else that is willing to play hale with you.
  10. Well She technically was OP when she had random crits with her melee weapon alongside her crossbow kill crit effect, which was removed so she can only crit if she get's a crossbow kill.(Crit revelenance chart fixed this issue, thank you), So it's actually one of the Super balanced hales on the server now considering her rage is a weapon given and small clip size which requires aim although it's projectile speed is extremely faster than the normal crossbow. If anything was to get nerfed on her anymore would be pretty severe since the random crits on her melee was the main reason not her rage which was why she was unbalanced to begin with. Seapony boss.... yeah let's not get into how annoying she is. >.>
  11. :monocle:

    Interesting, you can now disassociate your steam account in the account settings section.

    That's very considerate to some said few people that wanted that option to do so.

    Overall i like how fast the forums loads for me, which is great considering i'm on the forum a lot just camping threads to see what's new and stuff.

  12. She looks great, good work.
  13. This absolutely needs to be in TF2 already.
  14. Welp,can't wait for that Dragon Tristana Skin. ;~;

    1. Scootz


      You're not the only one, i've been playing so much trist just to get the mastery before it comes out. (Zeke, what server do you play on and what's your name)

    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      I'm on Na and name is ZekeAileron

    3. Scootz
  15. I'm going to voice my stuff about this and be Honest here Lrad, i know you don't mean anything bad and what not to the server since you just play on it like a regular does, which is ok in most players eyes. But there were many times you'd do something to the last man standing like tea bagging, Taunting after one raging the player, and you've also done it to me especially since i'm on your friends list and i haven't done a single bad thing to you at all and I've never exactly done that as a Hale to do anything like that to a friend especially, more to insult like the tea bagging and or one raging, and to be honest i'm really surprised i still have you on my friends list from all the BS stuff you've done to me, i don't know if i should feel anything about this. You should've actually took Gimpy's advice about watching what you say on mic,chat, and what actions you do in-game because certain people/players will actually take offense to it a long time ago when he said it to you. There are times when it's ok to talk about stuff on the mic but when you're trying to talk about random stuff that a majority of the players on the server don't know about and or care about to begin with and you still continue talking about that said subject it's going to annoy those players that are currently on the server, that would have given you a good stopping point to whatever you were talking about, and most times when there's other people on the server trying to use the mic you talk over them and or yell over them to continue talking about said topic others are not fond of hearing while playing, and while you're hale you use the mic so much that you have to constantly say how this specific player/class name is being annoying, getting agitated when trying to kill said player, using rage to kill one player and saying "I had to do it" especially when it's a medic that's not even using a Medigun which was "Me" like seriously it's easy to kill a medic with no rage, just one hale melee hit can kill a 150 hp medic, very easy. Ok onto the playing as a Mercenary when you use the mic so much when i'm on and it's just you using the mic without a break from using it(did you ever thought of moving your finger away from your voice chat key...), from just you alone on many maps I've tried to play on and enjoy some fun, you've forcefully buffered me out of the server a lot because of my computer can't handle the "Immense constant Mic spam you do every time", and yes going to be honest here again, it's very surprising that most randoms that are annoying on mic i tend to just "mute them outright to get it over with", but i have yet muted you client side because well it should be obvious because you're a friend, "But then again should i even consider being friends with someone who've done so much stuff to me and try to apologize to me in a jokingly manner which made me feel even more angry about that stuff", Plus while you use the mic all the time you keep constantly saying you died, i want a scout slot, give me my scout slot, my shield broke, i'm going to die, medic uber for damage and then the medic dies afterwards(once again me and then you still don't say anything about that in a good way), and when there's Pinkie clones and Changelings out on the field you constantly say they're your kills while there's Demomen alive with Head count weapons which you're completely denying your team of Demonmen a boost of HP to get 210+ for them to survive a Hale hit and or a Demo retrieving their shield back and still fight for the team because teamwork, can't have Team Fortress 2 without "team" in it cause you make it where you're entitled to those minion kills, you mainly just make it like you're the team and everyone else is just there. Honestly it's a good thing that you realized that you were using the mic too much, but there was a lot of warnings before then that you should've taken before..., using text chat isn't all that bad to be honest, just do what Eleanora said in her post, just do that but remember be careful of what you tend to type in chat as well. I'm not one to say a lot of crap about a friend and or anything bad about them because i'm mainly silent about keeping that stuff to myself, even though myself has taken so much crap from a lot of people from my friends list and i don't say anything about that and it's not easy especially when i get that stuff happening to me from randoms on the VSP server which is mainly why i just play on other servers to get away from that. I'm not much of a choice person to agree on the one month+ thing that the other people here are saying about, but since you didn't really take a fellow admin's advice awhile back before this, then this would've never happened to such of an extent i suppose, but for my opinion i'll have to kind of agree about everyone else's verdict for the one month thing but lower to a certain of weeks per-say, unfortunately sorry. Everything is a learning experience the first time around something happens. This is mainly what i wanted to say about this and some other points, sorry for the long TL:DR post.
  16. Well then Nora, Welcome to the Forum and hope that you have a good time on here, hehehe. Also for the server i main Medic a majority of the time(I do go completely Medic try-hard when Gimpy is on cause he depends on it, since other random medics don't heal Primary targets and or Uber), i do play Soldier as well but i suck at Rocket jumping so it's meh, I play Mad-Milk Scout only on Maps that has 1-2 health kits, or none at all cause even though Damage is important supporting the team is still in my mindset as a Medic main to keep the Melee Players alive to do the damage, for the other classes i just play them when the team just lacks class variety. The game-mode isn't prefect(for certain things that should still be adjusted in the mode), but overall it's still great to play to an extent when friends are on(kek), but yeah, hopefully you fully join the herd like a majority of us.
  17. When you realize it only takes 2-3 non-crit hits and or a rage to kill a KGB Heavy with barely any effort, this makes every other class suffer because of one class, Plus the heal you get with melee hitting the Hale as KGB Heavy is not even enough to sustain another hit from the Hale.(Plus the fact that not many People even play KGB Heavy unless it's a Hale that has "No Random Crits") Why make every other Class suffer cause high random crit chance, i just see this as a cruel joke tbh. :/ Amazing job on the Models No Name, and also i would love to see the CMC Models completely updated, that would be fantastic. 5 sentries...? You do realize the Engie limit is 3 right....
  18. Honestly i don't know what happened to that, and i'm still holding off from donating anything since other people on the server and on the forum are having issues with it especially since it's been 11+ days for that issue to be happening, so i'm currently waiting for that to be issued with. Don't get me wrong, i love the server to death, but if it continues on like this, i know where i'm going when the inevitable happens.
  19. Not exactly since the game is going to be using the Z-Engine(the engine that Skullgirls uses) instead of using Fighter Maker that fighting is Magic used in the past. In preference the Z-Engine is way better in flexibility in the game's engine, functionality, stability and highly possible Online Versus without using a third party app which was required for most Fighter Maker games to play versus.
  20. Even though it's from Mane6, i was mainly interested in Fighting is Magic(Still am cause other people are doing stuff in the background for other various builds), i'm not as hyped for this since no ponies, but it's still a fighting game so i'll still take a look at it when the crowdfund starts.
  21. Got invited to the "Tree of Savior Beta", So excited to go test it out on August 3rd, who else got invited and is excited to try it out?

    1. Zari Puff
    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Yup, and then gone lol, gave my key to a good friend of mine, since it's a Closed Beta i'm not too worried about it since characters are generally wiped when it's done before open beta.

  22. It'll be great if it was fixed and over with, and yes i know it's extremely hard to fix the problem to begin with. ._. Very understandable, but we're not doing it to high ping players that don't ping mask only those that actually do, and from what i learned from a few ppl on the server that i've been talking to, ping masking while living in the US area is alright to a point since their ping wasn't/isn't in the 110+ ping range that mostly everyone is complaining about, and i know ppl that actually have 5 ping on the server that aren't ping masking to begin with and there's still people that complain that about it. Honestly it's not hard to see a ping mask in the first place, just go into your Dev Console(hopefully you have it enabled), and type ping or status and you'll see the current players on the server with their real ping, cause sometimes people with 5 ping that are actually living next to the server area or masking their ping, it's better to see the numbers first in the console instead of accusing them first without checking, cause on the scoreboard if a person with 5 ping really does live in the server area, in the Dev console it'll be rounded around 40-50ish ping which is their real ping which is normal. Now think about this, the people on the Texas server already complain about High Ping players, but the complaining on it, which is only if they're playing as the Hale (like i said before), rarely or nothing about complaining when they're on the Mercenaries side because of the OHKO issue i said in a earlier post. Now do you want to fight a ping masking player that is actually masking 250+ ping when they're the Hale especially a Demo hale with Eyelander range. Also it's their own consequence they receive in using a ping mask to begin with, there is a way to fix it, but that requires alot of searching or knowing someone who knows how to fix it.
  23. Well actually we do have something like that, but it's primarily for people that use Lenny Faces, and chat emotes that suggest a derogatory action like "Middle finger emotes, and more(cause mentioning them here is not necessary since ppl would attempt to try them anyway), which is the admin slap, and sometimes it won't post your text saying in chat, it'll just slap you instead.
  24. You know Steel, there's nothing in the rules concerning "Chat bind spam" directly, and the rules you're suggesting ins't very suggestible since in the "Staff Rules and Punishment List" it says this: Chat Spam Spamming text/say chat First Offense: 1 day/Happy Second Offense: 1 week/Happy Third Offense: Permanent Mute (Permamute) which doesn't make sense since muting is for Mic use and not chat, so it should be (Permagag) But looking at the offenses which say "Happy" which considers to be only towards those that are saying stuff in chat that is unpleasant to the people currently on the server. Yes i understand that "Chat Bind Spam" is excessive to a point, but when it's just 1-2 people doing it at that time and no one else doing it, it's not a big deal, but when alot of people are doing it especially if it's the same chat bind as every other being used at the same time then yes it's problematic, and usually the Lenny Face chat bind is often scolded with a automated Admin slap towards the player using it and it will notify everyone on the server that said player received a slap for it which may not be a warning for the other players but it's still a notification to show the others to not do the same(which many just ignore either way ._.).