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  1. There's a difference between the Normal TF2 gameplay side, and the VSP TF2 gameplay side, and this isn't concerning the "Normal TF2 Gameplay side".
  2. Like i said in the topic post: Now since you obviously have no clue on the actual issue that's being handled than i recommend not going any further without the prior knowledge from the Server Admins themselves, the Server itself, and from the players that consistently play on the server. Yes i know the server should have an auto ping kicker plugin installed, but like Colgate said: The VSP servers values their welcome onto the server humbly, but having a plugin like that especially since alot of our players are not within the US area would hinder the player number on the Texas server including the Funbox server as well. The only problematic reasons we have on the server is High ping players that play as the Hale(not as a Mercenary) and Ping masking, because the main difference between the high ping is this: High ping Hale player: If they were playing as a Demo Hale which has Eyelander range, it extends even beyond the initial range if the player actually had normal ping range They're playing as a boss that can OHKO any Red mercenary as well having random criticals, having range like this is unnecessary and completely unfair to Red team Most times even if you think you've escaped from the said Hale, with the ping difference they have, they see everything a few seconds beforehand, for instance you rocketjump away while infront of them thinking yu got away safely, nope, they just smack you in your last location even though you're already in the air on your side of the screen, same with Ham jumping, Flare jumping, Sticky jumping, and Corner running Lot's of ping delayHigh ping Red Mercenary player: They're going to die in one hit regardless no matter how much effort the hale tries to kill you, they mainly get alot of unregistered hits to survive their death A mercenary that is playing as a Demoknight or has a Eyelander type melee weapon, they're going to have the extended range, but it's alot fairer than the Hale cause you don't do OHKO's, only a measily 195 critical dmg, that's basically just a tummy rub to the hale especially since Hales have thousands of HP They have a ping delay when playing as a Sniper, meaning their shots are going to hit more frequently than othersNow after saying the list above, alot of the players on Red team would rather have high ping players on their team rather than on the Hale side because of this, you want to get OHKO unfairly or play evenly exactly how it is on a value server dependent on ping delay. With that said, a Ping Kicker is still great and all, but if it's going to kick players with high ping just for having high ping then that's the unfair part, I'd rather have a Auto ping mask kicker that tries to only kick those that actually are ping masking and options for any Admin on to fairly kick/ban those ping masking if the plugin fails to do so, and a high ping kicker/warning for high ping players that try to play as the Hale for those servers. Cause i know PF2 has a auto-ping kicker for both masking and high ping players, but it still won't kick players that have high ping that are VIP/Donators because of their immunity perk they have, Hmm...
  3. The high ping hales is questionable, but some players don't mind if certain players with high ping play as the Hales 1-2 times occasionally, but when the queue list is nothing but High ping players lined up consistently, then that becomes a huge problem especially for normal Texas vsp server(and it's worse if those players play Demo hales all the time, -_-). A bigger/longer superjump cooldown for Braeburn and Pinkie Pie would be nice.
  4. The amount of problems you've ignored that you have is just unnecessary. But yeah sure, That high ping players that play as the hale is a huge amount of range and it's unbearable to avoid, but when it's a player with the same issue as above but using a Ping mask to hide their 200+ ping then it needs to be a issue that should be handled with already. I'd rather you have Prior knowledge and facts to the last statement you said because you obviously haven't been keeping up with the Server Bosses then because they "Do Not Taunt While In Midair" when they use the R rage, They basically move freely during the air and you can also B-hop to keep yourself from doing the taunt yourself and as well land towards a wall/slope to continue on without even doing the Taunt during your own R rage, it's ridiculous and looked at as an exploit because it's been abused so many times already.
  5. Is it possible that the abilities could be plain out removed until its fixed then? I hate to just have to ignore it because it's not deemed "ban worthy". Hmm, what actually caught my eye is even though it's an Exploit and what you said Colgate; "I hate to just have to ignore it because it's not deemed "Ban Worthy", but when Players that are on the Red team that do exploits even when it's their first time doing an exploit it's considered a ban within the Staff Rules and Punishments list(below). Also in the Staff Rules and Punishments list which is a great list to look at every once in a while, what i saw is this under the Gameplay section: Game Exploit Abusing a Versus Ponyville, map, or TF2 exploit. First Offense: 1 day ban Second Offense: 1 week ban Third Offense: 1 month ban So seeing that the rage being deemed not ban worthy but an exploit at the same time makes this Punishment rule nonexistent to Hale players which i find completely unfair in this case. Also another issue with these two Hales is that the fact with the rage in air business, the player that plays these specified hales knows exactly what they're doing when they push that "R" button when they're in the air, and the fact that these two Hales also have a ridiculously fast Super Jump cooldown, The second they land on the ground they can already jump into the air again, which in turn using the R rage complimented with the Super jump spam these two hales are known for, it gets abused a lot which is another issue on these specified hales.
  6. I did find this on Raini's Steam Profile page comments. Oh ok, it's great that you're still considering about the Ping Masking business, thank you for clarifying that.
  7. All of my Yes!!!
  8. Even if they weren't ponies to begin with, they were hippocampus beings or said mythical sea creature before they were humans because they were banished to that world, Plus the VSP server is primarily based on said Ponies and Mythical beings once again, I'd rather keep it that way to keep up with the server trope it has running.
  9. The models look great and all, But they shouldn't be used in TF2 in general, It's pretty cringe worthy already tbh.
  10. You do realize the server doesn't have any Human Hales, Mostly Ponies and mythical beings, i'd rather have them in their Canon-based Siren form or their fan-based Pony form.
  11. For once i agree with Scootz on this one, though in one of the Fiendship comics featuring the Sirens(i think it was issue 3), they were presented as a pony variant as this: So basically i'd rather keep them pony like, especially if it's going to be implemented in the server as bosses, the one that No name has made are great. Plus Human hales... not sure what logic am i supposed to see there....
  12. Not really much of a fact about me since it seems pretty well known about me if you're those people that tend to talk and ask me stuff in general when i'm online. I have a slight fixation in the game Fighting is Magic, when it's just playing it, or trying to fix it from within the game build to make it better, and i'm also a Dev tester for Fighting is Magic:Premium Edition.
  13. I share my opinion and view on this subject matter with Col, i personally don't want it to be added in as a boss/hale, but if it gets added anyway... well it's added not much to do anyways...
  14. This looks very interesting.
  15. After the patch: My Killstreaked item I love it.
  16. Rip KGB's then. :c Oh yeah, Those Skinned weapon stats they have on the Server is pretty freaking hilarious, Lmao.
  17. Yeah, this one would affect me greatly, since i play KGB Heavy a lot on the server.
  18. Even though they are(Hopefully if my assumption is correct or not.) planning to have a Heroes remake mod server of it's own with the Donor status perks enabled on that one, but still Vanilla should still be Vanilla. Also i'm pretty sure client side mods are going to be enabled anyways. ._.
  19. Coming from my point of view of this: A Vanilla stock TF2 server with 20% Cooler status available, I'd rather not have the Pony Quad models or any of the Pony Models, class specified nor Team colored, It'll be better if it's just for end of round preferably during a Stalemate or a win/lose, to show that those players are unable to be killed. So yeah I highly agree with Radioactive's idea, and if i remember correctly, Some people that come on the VSP server don't come on there for the Pony related stuff, they come on there for the unique variety of Bosses with different rages/mechanics, Weapon Balances(...), and to play with friends they have that are part of the community. So basically it's better to keep a Normal Vanilla TF2 Server without the necessity of Pony models till end round immunity conditions.
  20. Exactly, i never use it for the Health gain though, i just love getting into the action quicker, and with the New Detonator buff, it'll make Ambushing even better than before.
  21. http://store.steampowered.com/news/17403/ Well rip using the Powerjack now, going in to fight with it is pointless now cause the reward for getting a kill is awful now. When weapon is active:+15% faster move speed on wearer+25 health restored on kill20% damage vulnerability on wearer
  22. Seeing how it makes demoknights faster than scouts... Rest in Piece Scouts everywhere.
  23. Well that really sucks, and it also makes no sense to even open crates. ._. It would have been awesome if there was a different skin for the Kritzkrieg, though they don't have a Aussie version of it yet. :l This is actually interesting to bring up, since it might make Engies be able to pick up the Jag from other dead Engies.....
  24. Hmm, It's basically like a rehash of CS:GO. Bought the game but still have to buy keys to open cases, bleh.
  25. I like this, Pretty much gives the Pyro a slightly more incentive to use the Detonator to get into spots for better Ambushes than before, and for the Scorch shot not really a big fan of using it, but i guess i'll try it out sometime after the update.