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  1. Here is the thing for you guys you are saying depending on the person. On MLP Heroes it didn't matter who it was as long as it wasn't their first time On VSP, the rage abilities are way different than the ones on Heroes, and the fact you only have 1 life per round as a Red mercenary, people that tend to play the Pony Hale boss tryhard killing everyone by complete skill or non stop raging, even if it's their first time playing.
  2. Lmao, depending on the person who plays the Pony Boss, then yeah i'd agreed on this as well.
  3. To be honest(not being rude either if it feels that way), Though moving the server to a Jersey server is a good idea for EU and NA players to play together with fairer ping range, for Australians with their high ping, it'll still be great for ya'll as well cause it'll lower your ping by an amount that might still be unfair to fight against but fairer for a decent server-side hit registration for the other players, So in turn even if it's a huge plus for EU and NA players, it's also a slight plus for Australians as well if it means giving them a slightly lower ping than they have on the Texas servers.
  4. Whoa alot of new people joining the forums, Welcome everyone, hopefully ya'll enjoy your stay on here and on the servers. Mhm, I'm also a huge Trixie fan, though i'm not that casual in playing TF2, but i try i suppose, the pony game mode here is alot different than that from pf2, but hopefully you learn it and enjoy it.
  5. I still support the idea of moving the normal Texas server over to a Jersey Server.
  6. I actually support the idea of moving the normal Texas server to a Jersey server since some of our decent players are from the EU side, it'll lower their ping and actually make it fair for those regular players that play Hale on the server.
  7. I'm pretty sure the reason why Flutterbat was removed because everyone was complaining about the fact she can decloak stab and recloak almost instantly after the stab, can prolong an entire round by staying Cloaked, can use her rage even while cloaked.
  8. I don't know, you might be one interesting mod? If you do ever become a mod, gotta slam Colgate! k. :)
  9. I really like this new Fluttershy mechanic, and drafting Gimpy is kind of a death wish to everyone still alive on Red team...
  10. Trixie is the only pony i can think of...

    1. Scootz


      Sorry sir, but tricks are for kids :D

    2. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      I completely understand how you feel.. all i can think of is Lyra... Non one will understand our Taboo love x3

    3. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      it's not sarcasm btw.

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  11. <<<, only if i'm not playing as any Duos or CMC, but i rarely play as hale since i suck playing as one.
  12. Hmm my name is Zeke Aileron, and i'm new to this forum, i recently started playing TF2 in early January of this year and my best friend showed me the VSP server and i started playing in the server for a while now, and it's awesome, there's a lot of great people there, I just want to say hello to everyone on the forums and thank you for letting me play with ya'll on the server, hopefully i didn't come out weird saying this...