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  1. :monocle:

    Interesting, you can now disassociate your steam account in the account settings section.

    That's very considerate to some said few people that wanted that option to do so.

    Overall i like how fast the forums loads for me, which is great considering i'm on the forum a lot just camping threads to see what's new and stuff.

  2. Welp,can't wait for that Dragon Tristana Skin. ;~;

    1. Scootz


      You're not the only one, i've been playing so much trist just to get the mastery before it comes out. (Zeke, what server do you play on and what's your name)

    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      I'm on Na and name is ZekeAileron

    3. Scootz
  3. Got invited to the "Tree of Savior Beta", So excited to go test it out on August 3rd, who else got invited and is excited to try it out?

    1. Zari Puff
    2. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Yup, and then gone lol, gave my key to a good friend of mine, since it's a Closed Beta i'm not too worried about it since characters are generally wiped when it's done before open beta.

  4. Trixie is the only pony i can think of...

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    2. Scootz


      Sorry sir, but tricks are for kids :D

    3. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      I completely understand how you feel.. all i can think of is Lyra... Non one will understand our Taboo love x3

    4. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      it's not sarcasm btw.