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  1. 4 hours ago, Spyro-Kun said:


    The Dragon's fury is fine considering it has poor knock-back on hit especially with crits and it's air-blast is awful enough already, why nerf it beyond it being already being semi bad.
    Jet-pack is fine the way it is, you're already losing damage by equipping it for an escape function which is one penalty, the other penalty is it having a bad Holster and re-holster time along with almost no knock-back considering you only have 2 charges for it compared to the amount of flares you can pump out and can refill it as well, similar to Soldier being able to jump away and able to reload quicker and refill ammo faster than the jet-pack.

    Also the weapon stats are being handled on a different thread.

  2. I've been meaning to make this thread in a while and never got around to it since I've been busy with irl issues, so anyways this thread is going to go on about how and what the current problems of the servers are, the list isn't going to be accurate since i know there alot more problems that i haven't been able to experience in the server and as well outside, so here is the current ones that i know:

    1. The 3 US servers are currently broken and won't let any player join.
    2. VSP Funbox DR map autodownloader is broken forcing the player(s) to download the map(s) from an outside source if they don't previously have the map installed.
    3. Starlight Glimmer, Zecora, Vinyl Scratch, and Braeburn rage mechanics is currently broken as in being unplayable.
    4. Spike's Flamethrower is unusable and his R rage is currently broken.
    5. EU and JP servers are currently running on an older version of TF2 considering the game has been updated a lot recently with the Jungle Inferno Update and the new update that fixes the main grasp of the Competitive mode and Pyro weapons re-balancing.
    6. A lot of the Bosses still have Random Criticals when they shouldn't have any to begin with.
    7. Spy Bosses still doing 325+ damage from simple knife stabs that are not back-stab related.
    8. Spellbook item still able to pick up ammo and having virtually no downsides.
    9. Classes getting HP max nerfs on certain weapons when they shouldn't especially for a mode that has Bosses that are technically supposed to One shot a Mercenary with less than 202 HP regardless that isn't a Spy boss.
    10. Pinkie Pie and Braeburn are not the only ones that are breaking the Super Jump timer.
    11. Lack of Admins that have interest in the game-mode besides the ones that still get on when the servers are on/active,(PS: i'm one of the Seapony admins that still comes onto the servers when they're up)
    12. A lot of the weapons are still under-balanced in the game mode, same with the Bosses.

    If there is any that I've missed that isn't on the list, please list them in a fashion that is understandable and obvious to players that have actually spent enough time in the game mode to know what's happening, Anyways there's also a poll that is going to see if People are actually interested in seeing VSP servers coming back.


    It's not necessary but if you use STEAM then you can also use this in your profile name to show that you are wanting to support VSP as well: #BringBackVSP

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  3. 2 hours ago, (Juan) Flash of Memory said:

    Discord is one of the best places to communicate with people easily. Is there a chance Rainy or one of the admins can make an official Discord for it? It would benefit the website and server with more activity and quite a bit more communication between its users/players. This is just a suggestion. Feel free to discuss it

    One of the Admins... it kind of depends since a lot of the admins for the server(s) and on here have been inactive for years, Rainy does have a discord server but it's mainly for her Twitch Stream and such, honestly i'm just surprised i'm still around even though the servers are either fully up or just not functioning, also that and not many of the actual people that play on the servers just don't care enough to come onto the forums.

  4. 33 minutes ago, staryoshi06 said:


    These stats you're trying to suggest are pretty bad in general considering that looking at your inventory you don't own any of them, and hopefully you do remember how overpowered a majority of the bosses are, i don't think you took the time to think about the stats rather than just slapping numbers there assuming it'd work without trying the weapons out first.

  5. 2 hours ago, TheGandalf said:

    I mean, in my honest opinion, most of the bosses are not fun to fight or play as. The only one I find amazing to play as is Pip Squeak due to his mechanics being fun for the whole family, but only so much.

    Flutterbat is basically if you gave a boss the ability to cloak at will with some mechanics tied to it. Of course it's not going to be fun to play against.

    Though, I don't know exactly her mechanics, so yeah.

    Opinions though.

    If you want to know who's fun to fight against and who isn't, here's a list in the following categories:



    Fun to Fight

    1. Mega Pony: His kit is primarily set up in a way similar to mega man games, he has no true rage function just his various modes that each have ammo limits.
    2. Pip Squeak: He's kind of fun in a way, but his main rage isn't fun for the least part since it's ruins a lot of the other team's movement options cause underwater is annoying, but he's fun to fight against if you have that one person constantly summoning Minions instead and have them go Pirate raiding, heh. (Which is almost 95% rare to see someone do this).
    3. Sweetie Bot: She's kind of fun to fight since her rage is similar to Princess Twilight's R rage, but rather than that she's almost as good as a doing a no rage run since her rage can backfire sometimes.
    4. Fluttershy: She's mainly focused around being a medic that needs bears to help her out, so relying on forest friends is kind of fun rather than the fact that the bears do unnecessary damage, but hey at least she's much more flexible than her previous version.

    Not Fun to Fight

    Every other boss that wasn't listed in the above list, since most of them either have one of the following:

    1. Stun and or Fear rage Hales.
    2. High chances of random criticals for no reason at all.
    3. Demo Hales that have eyelander weapons for no reason at all.
    4. Not fun mechanics like Flutterbat, Eapplejack, Applejack (Mainly this Hale, right here)
    5. Spike: why does he have airblast... like seriously.
    6. Pinkie Pie and Braeburn: Players that keep trying to exploit the R rage in air business.
    7. Sea Pony: This hale is just no, i'm pretty sure it was amazing in paper, but in-game it's bogus to fight.
    8. Nightmare Moon is still very unfun to fight even after getting a nerf from the 500% dmg bonus to 400% and "no random crits".
    9. Rainbow Dash: This hale is just super annoying to fight considering she breaks all knock-back she takes by just doing her double/triple jump which negates it, plus she can super jump and then double jump in mid-air to be able to weigh-down when most other hales can weigh-down when they super jump, so in general this Hale is just a huge mess.
    10. All spy hales damage on this server
    11. Celestia and Luna: both their rages are annoying to fight against, well mainly Celestia's since she can spam her rage without any cap at all.
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  6. 17 hours ago, Legendary Spyro said:

    Lst thing is: There is a lack of ACTIVE MODS/ADMINS on the server. That poses a huge problem. The only mods/admins i have seen thus far are:


    Gummy ze Cool Aid King(Admin)

    Brony Down Under(Mod)

    Gunpow JT(Mod)

    all others i either don't know about or haven't seen.

    Hmm then you haven't seen me on the servers then.

    I only come on the USA servers when there isn't a mod/admin on already, and i try to rarely go in the EU server since the admin powers is a bit different than it is for the USA servers.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Emerald Streak said:

    -Lack of any new content/fixing.

    -EU server is totally broken.

    I understand the lack of new content.

    For me is the lack of fixing/updating for the EU server, granted i'm NA and i play in the USA servers, although the EU server was also populated and it not seeing any fixes is quite underwhelming considering how most people that play on EU rotate over to the regular and Funbox servers because of the lack of maintenance for the EU server, i just want to see All the servers being fixed, not just the USA ones.

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  8. 7 hours ago, Surprise Pie said:

    EDIT 2: After further research, I'll go with 180. This is the same base damage as Flutterbat. Chrysalis has 210 and Rarity has 336, both of these are criminally high.

    Still saying No to all of this, the max i'm going to agree with for a Spy hale to have is one hit killing Scouts with butter knifing which is less than 140, nothing else. Plus all the other Spy Hales needs to have their damage bonuses removed and or nerfed to such.

    Seeing a Heavy with 325 hp getting butter knifed in the front for 336+ dmg from a Spy hale for no effort at all is dumb in many ways.

  9. It'll be better if you made the forum post as said on here:


    (EXAMPLE: "Joey's Ban Appeal")  as a forum post title.

    Username: The name you were using when the administrative action was taken against you.
    SteamID: Use the Steam ID Finder to find this if you do not know. It is a number that looks like STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX
    Ponyville Server: The server where the administrative action was taken against you. VERY IMPORTANT IN MUTE/GAG APPEALS.
    Transgression: If you are appealing a Ban, then you MUST INCLUDE the Ban reason, even if you are disputing it. You can look this up at the Ponyville Ponitentiary

    For the transgression it can also have your reasons for being muted as well, once this is done, you just have to wait for a server admin to look at it and pass judgement whether good or bad, Patience is key for the most part. 

  10. There's a difference between a whiny little kid and properly filling out the appeal letter for a admin to properly look at it and decide what to do if it's reasonable to deal with.

    So as advice it'll be good if you go here 

    and read it fully, and then do as it says for the appeal as such in http://forum.ponyville.net/forum/44-ban-submissionsprotests/ as a new thread/post with the following "<username> Mute appeal" and the text below in the body subject:

    Username: The name you were using when the administrative action was taken against you.
    SteamID: Use the Steam ID Finder to find this if you do not know. It is a number that looks like STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX
    Ponyville Server: The server where the administrative action was taken against you. VERY IMPORTANT IN MUTE/GAG APPEALS.
    Transgression: If you are appealing a Ban, then you MUST INCLUDE the Ban reason, even if you are disputing it. You can look this up at the Ponyville Ponitentiary. and or if it's a mute give us the primary reason of what you were muted for.

    Once that is done you then write out an apology as to what you will do once you do get unmuted.

    If you want a really good example on how to write one out, check this thread out: http://forum.ponyville.net/topic/7722-idioticsea09s-mutegag-appeal/


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  11. 2 hours ago, Brony4SENPAI(づ◔ᴥ◔)づ said:

    ok she might not be a boss because I'm poor as £$%@ so I don't have any editing software and I have no idea how to code 

    Uh don't take it literal..., the purpose is to make a Boss suggestion that doesn't include anything related to Stun/Fear/Freeze/Bind and heal related.

    You have to make it unique and something that perfectly reflects on why that should be a Boss.

  12. 1 hour ago, Lockheart said:

    This has been addressed multiple times, and he has been warned multiple times for the same thing. It was hurting player's ears, as I said. It was completely uncalled for. 

    If I still had the logs, I would post the complaints about it here. 

    Anyways, the problem was already addressed, so there was no need for this, and he will be unmuted as soon as I am able to. 

    Thank you for your concern, but I already have it under control. 

    Well, that is good to know.

  13. Well spamming into mic chat using sounds, in this case a 3 second screech, at most if it was at the last round of the map and map change was happening it shouldn't matter much consider the loading screen negates all sounds once the map is changing, but that should not warrant a "permamute" upon entering the new map, it's at least a map mute for the next map, Permamute is eh overly abusive in terms of 

    7 hours ago, Lockheart said:

    but it is definately only temporary.

    When most times an Admin permamutes a player they generally never unmute them afterwards when the mute time for the specified offence has expired.

    Even if the player was loud, there isn't any rules stating that's a problem, the screeching would only be a problem if he did it Constantly during the round, not at map change, that kind of logic is not good at all, and considering that 3 seconds is way to short to be considered spam the permamute was unnecessary to do as well.