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    MLP:FiM, Keyblades, Jpop, Eurobeat, Techno, Team Fortress 2, Vagante, Octavia in the Underworld's Cello, Ponyvania, SRPG games, JRPG games, Fighting is Magic, Drawing, Gaming, Manga, Anime
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I love Anime/Manga a lot and i love to play video games alot especially the Anime type ones like Kingdom Hearts games, Shin Megami Tensei Persona games, .dot/Hack Series, Final Fantasy series/Tactics series, Tactics Ogre, Animal Crossing, i'm not a huge fan of Pokemon but i still like it in

a occasional way and many other anime game titles, But overall i'm a very shy, quiet, relaxed, friendly person. ♬

I think of my world being Animated!, like it just happen's that way if you imagine it to happen. ♪

PcI62J7.gif(My OC)

Though i'm not a huge Brony that's obsessed with the series, but i'll at least try to carry relevance in the conversation if i can as possible, My main favorite pony is ☆Trixie Lulamoon★, and my other favorite pony is ♪Twilight Sparkle♫