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  1. Space Time Ribbon Parade

  2. "We ain't all makin it out of here."

  3. If you are active in playing League, I'm sure you've heard of the skin teaser coming out for Omega Squad/Special Forces Teemo his first Legendary skin. Before the wars: Usually Teemo is portrayed as a cute and cuddly Yordle with a knack for using poison to defeat his enemies. However something's snapped inside of him after years of war. After/During the wars: Now if you want to see more, click Here for the teaser. Here are all the voice-over lines that pop up by clicking things on the teaser: "I used to live by a code.""I've done things I'm not proud of.""Turns out, I've got a proficiency in killing.""A part of you never leaves the jungle.""I settle my scores.""You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites.""Peace is a fairy tale.""This one's for my helmet brother!""We ain't all makin it out of here.""Some masks you never take off.""Size is a liability.""One day there'll be a reckoning."
  4. Unz unz unz. Also blender is blending my brain.

  5. This has been happening to me too, I've just found a bunch of backup files deep within blender's folders and I'm not sure how to change this setting.
  6. Videogaems doesnt play scoot anymore ;-;

  7. Moderating in Moderation.

  8. Rain always clears up a foggy mind.

  9. Welcome Natsumehack, nice to see a new face here. Hope you enjoy your stay!