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  1. Heh, figured I load this account back up, though I wont go on it as much as I used to anymore.
  2. As a few people wouldn't mind it, BEN is back!

    1. MarvelousMarvy



      (Dude seriously make up your mind this is getting confusing D:)

    2. OhHaiDare


      Song of Healing, y u no work

    3. Jadusable's Own BEN

      Jadusable's Own BEN

      This is not gonna be permanent. I wont be on this account as much.

  3. Hi, guys. I'm Pyrite. Nice to meet you all. I sure hope I make good friends here in the Ponyville Forums.

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    2. Jadusable's Own BEN

      Jadusable's Own BEN

      As I said in the About Me section, he left the forums and gave me the account.

    3. Cinnamon Groove

      Cinnamon Groove

      so why didn't you just make your own account, pyrite?

    4. Jadusable's Own BEN

      Jadusable's Own BEN

      He offered it to me. Though, getting a new account seems like a better idea to prevent confusion.

  4. I am starting to think that Pokemon: Cursed Black hasn't gotten the recognision it deserves. So, I will ask Jug to make a GHOST Pony model for Dashy to fool around with during the Full Moon mini-events.

  5. Out comes Kahn himself. In goes the Cursed Black romhack.
  6. Out comes Vegeta himself I put in an Diamond Pickaxe
  7. I was talking with Gold and Slenderman the other day. They wish to see the pony world, though they have to take on a pony form. How do you guys feel about that?

  8. You probably remember those stories, right? To be honest, I've been hearing from a lot of bronies that they should be considered Creepypasta, especially the infamous Cupcakes. On the other hand, some bronies think of them as a Grimdark instead of a Creepypasta. What do you guys think about that? What are those stories considered to you?
  9. The bill leads to a terrible fate of the internet. The Congress shouldn't have done that. The bill must die, and the internet be free.
  10. My "cutie mark" resembles the notes of the Song of Healing played backwards.
  11. Then the machine explodes, but then a new one replaces it. I put in a BEN version of Fluttershy.
  12. Out comes Epaljeck.exe In goes Chuggaconroy
  13. Out comes a Panzer Tank. In goes a Zombie Outbreak.
  14. Out comes Gravy. I put in a FLESH POUND!
  15. Ah, well in that case. I'd possibly be a cross between a Medic and a Soldier. As I do love to fight, I fight for things I care for, and help them in their time of need. .... What, you think I have to be evil 24/7?