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  1. I am recruiting everyone who's brave to go Knight-gi with me to the dangerous kingdom of Pubs! We will beat all enemies like a rented mule until they can't take it anymore! Group: This is the loadout that you should wear: You can wear any primary you want to. We will eventually overtake all of the pubs there is, and nobody can stop us! (God this is so retarded...) P.S. This is Chuckle's worst enemy. :P
  2. What's the matter with proper re-coding Funbox to once again be Funbox? What I'm trying to say is that Simple thought it was simple to re-add TF2Ware, but when he did, it just glitched up so bad, and Simple just removed it. My guess is that he didn't apply a filter to where the plugin only activates in tf2ware2_a1.bsp. (If that even exists)
  3. Oh no, Simple tried to include TF2Ware before like in March or April, it broke funbox into hell, it still had TF2Ware logic on arena_badlands.
  4. If I would recommend some game modes of my preference, it would be... Huntsman Hell and Zombie Fortress. (I also like Prophunt and Smash Fortress, but Prophunt shouldn't be mentioned again after the above post, and Smash Fortress is a private plugin.) Huntsman Hell is a crazy game mode where everyone is Sniper with 400 HP on each team on arena, all with Huntsman that has explosive fire arrows, Jarate, and melee weapon of choice. It gets really fun and chaotic with a lot of people. Huntsman Hell: Now Zombie Fortress, this is a game mode where one team is the Survivors, and the other team is the Infected, the Infected try to eliminate all of the Survivors, where the Survivors try to defend themselves until time runs out or captures all points. Some pretty good strategy gets involved within this game mode sometimes. This game mode is a real blast from times to times, and with just plain old VSP and Deathrun always running, it would really be a great new addition. Zombie Fortress: Difference between this and Super Zombie Fortress is that in SZF, you pick up weapons as you go with E, but in the meanwhile, you are stripped to your melee weapon. P.S. While ZF isn't updated since 2011, it still works like a charm, I've played it a month earlier, and it isn't broken. Super Zombie Fortress however, is. EDIT: Actually. Maybe SZF is fixed, the latest update says "Several fixes with recent updates" Here's the plugin link to SZF:
  5. ...this is going to start a shitstorm between Surprise Pie and you...
  6. Been suggested similarly a long time ago in the weapons suggestions thread, but was ignored.(Raini acknowledged it though)
  7. I think it's already like this? It might be a different stat doing it. But I'm fairly sure you cannot get ammo while it's active. I'll look into it a bit more. Edit: It has this stat. You guys are silly, get your facts straight before suggesting :3. i think that was changed recently we had been talking with some of the admins about it in bugs and issues fr a couple of days i just posted on here for formality I told Raini about the Widowmaker using the wrong attribute (was using can't collect ammo from dispensers instead of metal from dispensers) back in August 2014, it's been there for a long time. Next time get your facts straight please.
  8. Naw, They very rarely get on funbox, and emmy is just uncommon, comparing both servers combined to server 1's rate of mod activity
  9. ...aaand Funbox's only mod resigned. GG, modless AND adminless. Same for EU, modless and adminless.