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  1. Oh I propably forgot more Anime`s and/or Cartoons than the most people have even watched. Here are some I can really recommend. -Death Note -Appleseed (the old ones) -Planetes -Wreck it Ralph (totally hilarious) -K-On (didn`t finished it yet) -Lucky Star -Ghost in the Shell -Black Lagoon
  2. Even after so many years this one is sending chills down my spine.
  3. Switching lives with Princess Cadence, well it could be interesting to rule of the crystal empire.
  4. Here is a fresh photo of me, sitting at work with literally nothing to do. P.S. This beard is just temporary, at the moment I´m travelling from work to my bandroom almost every day. I just don`t find the time to shave myself properly.
  5. I know how you feel, but I also have learned that beeing ashamed is leading you nowhere. After I first started watching MLP I was also thinking "should I tell it my close frends, will they treat me different if I do?" But it was not like I was going to everyone and telling them, it was a little more subtile. The first thing they noticed was a desktop picture of the mane 6, and to my suprise everyone I know and care about was cool about it. (even the ones who I thought would have a problem with that) Some of them even tried watching an episode, but most of them discovered that it`s not their cup of tea. When I first performed a little 4 track live concert at the wedding of a friend, I felt a little bit ashamed to and belive me that is nothing you want on stage to happen. But everything turned out ok, so that feeling of shame quickly disapeared. Just be yourself and eventually everything will turn out just fine.
  6. "I`m 28 Years old, (yes I know I`m old get me a wheelchair XD)" "I`m 28 Years old, (yes I know I`m old get me a wheelchair XD)" Hello. Welcome. Never say 28 is old again and that you need a wheelchair because of that age, and we'll get along just fine. Was just a little joke, I`m a little bit like a clown only without makeup and no red nose, except when it`s winter. Oh damn it is winter. *Squee*
  7. And here is one of mine, it changes every few minutes.
  8. Best Mane 6: Definitely Pinkie Pie her mane, her eyes, her talent to play almost any instrument she touchs, how can you not adore that. Best Princess: Princess Twilight, since she was, and still is, close second behind Pinkie it is only fitting to declare her best princess. Best Villain: Discord, no challenge. Best CMC: Applebloom, I admit it it`s her tie, sooo~ cute. Best BG: Lyra, but I don`t trade hands.
  9. Hi to all of you, my name is Fast Riff or Patrick I`m fine with both. I´m in this fandom since 1 1/2 year and joined the Ponyville Steam group a while ago. Till yesterday I didn`t know that there is a Forum attached to it, Now a few things about me: I`m 28 Years old, (yes I know I`m old get me a wheelchair XD) coming from Germany (medium sized country in Europe mostly known of starting 2 World wars and loosing both) I even have a few hobbys, I love playing video games and traditional boardgames and I´m a musician. (guitar player to be exact) And of course I simply love ponies, especially Pinkie and Twilight. (very obvious XD) If you want to know more feel free to ask, I´m very talkative and I Pinkie promise I won`t bite