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  1. the new Soap Opera The Cream and the Gravyless
  2. Well congrats on the upgrade are you finally gonna rejoin me in the proud ranks of Engi on the Funbox ?
  3. I also have this suggesstion for Pinkamena
  4. Born in Sault Ste. Marie now residing in Toronto.
  5. Happy Canada Day!

    1. Piklz419


      whats canada day?

  6. Let the quest for the Unusual Rancho Relaxo begin!

  7. I have a suggestion for Fluttershy
  8. Smile
  9. finish it then we can play! ;o
  10. darn the reserve slot for the new jersey is on the firtz for me again

  11. I think ill try making a Discord model for the Ponyville saxton Hale ;o

    1. MarvelousMarvy



      Good luck!

      (I was too lazy for it XD)

  12. Does anyone here still play this? I would love to have some Exterminatus games with people here we could be Brony Marines :D
  13. One of my favorites was fighting the Gates of Hell in The Last Remnant
  14. Would'nt mind have an actual throwable sapper, would be nice for those pesky nests of calgarymen
  15. Just got back on here, huzzah