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  1. Okay?
  2. 23 views... no replies? I'm just gonna guess it's a no then...
  3. Username: Blaze the Pegasus SteamID: STEAM_0:1:33881815 Ponyville Server: (US) VSP Funbox Transgression: Mic spamming Why I should be Unmuted: I was muted a couple of weeks ago because I was playing a soundboard into my microphone, I am aware that you guys have strict rules on mic spamming and stuff, but I was only doing it because everyone on the server liked it and I just wanted to give people a good time while they were playing, but now that I'm permanently muted, I can't do that anymore, I'm not posting this because I want to mic spam, I don't want to do it ever again, I just don't want to go through all the trouble having to stop constantly just to type a message in the chat box, which often gets me killed all the time. I want to tell the admins of that I'm sorry and I cross my heart, I will not ever use a soundboard ever again. If my apology can't be accepted, I understand.
  4. I would but, I don't want the staff of to think I'm some whiney little kid, so
  5. No one replying to me? Wow...
  6. I understand I was muted and warned in the past, I was just recently muted for using a soundboard in one of the servers, but I want to tell the admins that I'm sorry, but I know that's not enough and I want to know is there anything I can do be unmuted for what I've done?
  7. Do you guys something against the Twilight Empire, I mean why does it ban Twilight Empire members?
  8. Man I hate being banned for no reason...
  9. So, I was recently banned for no reason but I cannot protest my ban because it says my steam ID is not banned, so I went back into TF2, I tried joining again, it said I was banned. So, am I banned or not banned? I can't join any server on TF2, I can't protest my ban, what do I do? It's getting really annoying so can anyone help me out?