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  1. Roosterteeth's newest show, created by Monty Oum, an anime-style-but-not-quite modern fantasy alternate world I have no goddamn clue what RWBY's supposed to be. I'd call it a shōnen based off of the anime-style-but-not-quite and the very very liberal amounts of special effects and large weapons and the like. Click for full cast/crew! So, first episode came out today, http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=7872&v=more Thoughts? Me personally, I thought the voice acting was better than in the trailers (though not enough to make it not feel somewhat "artificial" to me), Barbara definitely did a better job of not sounding just like Barbara, although I'm not sure if this is the result of me listening to the Drunktank so much or her ability. Animation wise I thought everything that wasn't "normal" was awesome and looked great, everything "pedestrian" looked kinda stiff and awkward. And a few misc. thoughts: Their podcast is definitely the biggest contributor to this, but I feel like some of their voices are too distinct for me to seperate from "them" and "their characters". Yang Xiao Long (阳小龙, Yáng xiǎolóng), is apparently rendered in the western name style (Personal, then Family name) as opposed to the Oriental Style (Family, then Personal), meaning that read Chinese style, it'd be "Xiao Long Yang". If the wiki is wrong, and it's actually already rendered in the Oriental style, her name rendered western style would be "Xiaolong Yang". At anyrate, you're all pronouncing it wrong. Well not wrong, just not the way it's pronounced in Chinese, which I guess this being an American production would actually make the Chinese way wrong
  2. I can't believe I've been on this site for half a decade. Well, almost anyways. One more day. I feel like that book: "All my friends are dead"

  3. My favourite fighting game is Deadly Fighting. Who could forget Spider and his catchphrase: Come over here!

  4. I have learned a new word: "Diffidence." 

  5. Looking at a map of the British Overseas Territories I'm fairly certain the sun still doesn't set on the British Empire.

  6. If it makes you feel better, it was heavily used like 3-4 years ago. I guess?
  7. The Canadian Dollar has dropped below 0.70 American

  8. I'm glad Scotland voted to stay a part of the UK because if they left the flag would've looked pretty dumb

  9. "Prince Ali" is probably really sinister sounding in a minor key

  10. "Exterminate" is my favourite part of 4X

  11. Why.

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Mister Boob is the funniest, followed by Mister Bond.

  12. Matsuki Miyu has been dead for 5 days, apparently.

    1. No Name

      No Name

      Yep. Rip love nectar.

    2. sarysa


      Apparently I know her best (and most recently) as Lailah from Tales of Zestiria.

  13. Attila the Hun, the Scourge of God, wielder of the Sword of God, as depicted by a Japanese Mobile Game: http://i.imgur.com/RKsAoE5.png

  14. I guess I'll be periodically updating this post with the full story if the thread grows. The
  15. If I ever lost a leg, a hand, or an eye, I wonder how long people would be willing to put up with me going "Arrgh" and "Avast" etc.

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      You'd need to wear a wooden leg/hook/black eyepatch.

  16. Civ 5 protip: Nuclear weapons are a great way to limit your opponents ability to achieve victory. The dead are notoriously bad at building space ships, writing poetry, and conducting trade negotiations

  17. Civ 5 Tip: Don't wanna maintain a military? Exterminate your neighbours so there's no-one to attack you!

    1. Bee Sin

      Bee Sin

      Message brought to you by the Hun Empire

    2. sarysa


      I've never been good at military conquest in that game, however I'm great at turtling with a barebones military because Civ 5 makes it easy.

  18. I miss the minecraft ban appeal thread.

    1. Lemondrop


      all the best threads are in the trashcan

  19. I never knew Mozart was an elf who shot bolts of magic out of his conductor's baton. Thanks, nasu

  20. AKA Dark Sector in the future AKA Grinding: The game. Hey, all... 7 of you remaining active users. Play this game that I play. It's called Warframe. Not to be confused with the plethora of other free to play games that also use war as a prefix. You can get it off steam or their official website. You play a ninja in space. That's about the gist of it. There's 3 factions all murdering each other for solar dominance, and one that just sort of exists. There's the Grineer, a highly militaristic clone race, a concept that has never been done before ever, that seeks to conquer all and just sort of kill everything. There's the Corpus, a massive corporation populated by what /vg/ on 4chan has "affectionately" dubbed as the "space jews". They worship the Orokin, a precursor race (Originality!) that build the original warframes and have a bunch of empty ships floating about. And finally there's the Infested, which as you can probably figure are space zombies. There's not much to elaborate from that. Oh, and there's also the corrupted, which are just mind controlled minions taken from the other 3 factions and act as the Orokin Ship's security system. Somewhat detailed gameplay overview below because the game's tutorial explains nothing. It tells you how to WASD. Each Tenno wears a warframe (Title drop!), each of which has it's own set of powers and playstyle. They generally each have their own "theme". For example, Volt, as the name would suggest, uses electricity as attacks and to enhance his power, Excalibur is all about swords and agility and being a swordsman, and Ember is... hot There's also your standard array of pistols and rifles and swords and other such weapons. While the sawblade launcher or bow and arrow might look cool, they're really impractical. Fun though. Melee weapons vary between "sword" and "bigger sword", with the occasional boomerang or polearm. Fun, but lose utility quickly. All your weapons and frames (you can have several and switch at will) have affinity rankings that go up to 30. Each rank adds more mod capacity, allowing you to make your stuff more powerful. The capacity can be doubled with a special item, and polarities (mod slots that halve the capacity required) can be changed or added with another item (but also resets your rank. Grinding ho!) Mods range from adding more damage to elemental damage to other more mundane utilities such as attack speed or reload speed or longer warframe power range. Every mod has a rank, which means how much capacity it requires. You can "fuse" mods, either with other mods (same polarity = more power) or fusion cores to increase their rank. Each increase in rank confers a boost in it's abilities (i.e. Fast Hands increases reload speed by 5/10/15/20/25/30% for a capacity cost of 2/3/4/5/6/7). No, you can't unrank mods, and every rank requires more and more "material" to rank up. Aside from cosmetics and extra inventory slots, nothing in the game is unobtainable through just playing. parts to build new warframes drop from bosses, weapon materials drop from enemies and loot containers, and all their blueprints are purchasable with credits from the market. (Platinum being their microtransaction currency). Going back to the first bit, getting ranks up on weapons and frames adds to your mastery rank, and after a certain threshold, you can do a "mastery test". completing this test will up you to the next rank, and typically unlocks more weapons that you can use. (i.e. the Penta, a fantastic grenade launcher, is unlocked at rank 6). Failing the test leaves you with a 24 hour wait period before you can try again. The game is incredibly grindy. Prepared to grind more and more the longer you play. I think it's a lot of fun, but there's a lot of grind. I give the game a Tenno/10 Oh, and be prepared to be matched with higher ranked people who speed through levels and have no interest in helping you do anything. Going fast is the nature of the game. which is weird considering the grinding
  21. Poland/Deity/Continents save, Lake Victoria ~9 tiles away from starting point, continent shared with Persia and Morocco, who act as buffers between starting point and the Aztecs

  22. Oh man what is Donald Trump even doing

    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      His Twitter account is pretty funny.

    2. ---


      Donald Trump is just doing Donald Trump things.

    3. Bee Sin

      Bee Sin

      Dreaming, obviously.