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  1. Well I can't edit the OP as It's past the edit point now. SO if anyone admin would like to keep the OP updated with people that make it past 1000 damage, please and thank you.
  2. I just want to mention if the Air Strike ever does get a change in stats, All current winners will be kept under the name of Legacy Winners. But Then again, it may take a long time for a Airstrike change.
  3. Still hope the Air Strike will get a buff.

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      Yus... I hope so too...



      Start a petition! Draft some suggestions! Make some noise! When's Air Strike buff?!

  4. SO we all know the Airstrike is pretty bad, so I came up with a Challenge to test how good of a soldier you are. The Challenge is do 1000 points or more Damage. Sounds easy right? No. Even Colgate who is a pretty good solider has trouble getting getting more then 600 damage. There are a few restrictions for weapons. Obviously You need the airstrike. You Can use any secondary that is not a shotgun, or Base Jumper. The reason for this is, it's ruins the challenge if you use the shotgun for your damage. And the Base Jumper just makes it Far too easy. Yes You can count the man treads damage as you will 90% of the time Rocket jump to do the Goomba, so you are using the airstrike. You Can use Any melee weapon, with the condition it's only used as a last resort for damage. Say you are cornered out of ammo, and going to be murdered BY Iron WIll's Pecs of Death. If you happen to score over 1000 Post a ScreenShot, and Say what your Loadout is, and on what boss. I will Add it to the OP as a winner, if you happen to Post a Damage higher, I will remove your Old score and replace it with the higher one. And Remember Have fun Gimping your self by using the airstrike. (the only prize is the feeling of you, knowing that you are a great solider in VSP) Current Top Damage: 2085. Completed(Ranked by most damage). 1. The_Mr_Kumar Loadout: Air Strike, Gunboats, Shovel Hale: Mare-Do-Well Screen Shot of Damage: 2.General Scootz Loadout:Air Strike, Gunboats and Shovel Hale: Pinkamena Screen Shot of damage: 3.Colgate Loadout: Air Strike, Gunboats, Shovel. Hale: Luna. Screen Shot of Damage:
  5. If you dig a little deeper(by deeper I mean click there steam group link in that link you posted). You find out on the discussion board gem from the the of this month. Little Warning about that topic there I posted,What the person in power compares Bronies to is Horrible, and You shouldn't click that link unless 18 or older. is there Official Pony Prevention Thread As they call it. Where Lego Master a Admin Says "If you've encountered any unwanted pony f***ers while playing or know of anyone cowering inside any pony related groups. , please post their steam ID here. This is incase an admin is not around to properly dispose of it in-game." This thread was just updated three hours ago with another Ban to another Brony. is the rules for the group. Which does say. "Being a brony will get you permanently banned." I hope that Enough For you.
  6. Not really sure where else to put this, and this is more of a warning to fellow bronies. DeathLegend are anti brony, and anyone with anything related to MLP will be perma banned so don't waste your time going to any of them. I only know of a garry's mod zombie outbreak server, but who knows what else they might have. I have also seen them call bronies Horse F****er's, and compare bronies to Child Molesters. Just a warning guys, if you see any server for Death Legend Stay clear of it. If this is the wrong Section for this type of thread please move it to the right one. Thanks again. Best Changeling ever.
  7. I won garry's mod in a giveaway, I love it.

  8. You also got to consider You don't always get OHKO by a crit, or normal attack, and make it in with a little HP. It would be pretty shitty end to a match, if you escape only for toxicity to kill you a moment later. I am not asking for every spot, just that one spot on dunes a tiny grace time. Pretty Please with sprinkles on top. On the whole rage farming, It be pretty risky For the hale, one second too long and they might take more damage then they wanted. We would have to see how that plays out.
  9. Can a tiny grace for engines, nothing crazy maybe a 2 second grace for under the stairs. Just a small time to set up a teleport-er, and and use it, but still Dissuade camping in the spot with sentry. The reason I ask is, some Toxic spots Such as the place behind the stairs makes a good place to put a get a way. teleport-er the hale is unlikely to find till after a engine used it once, or the hale is savvy in engineering teleport locations.
  10. Since General Scootz Made a thread about removing some maps. I am just going to post my suggestion of maps, that I have played before, or look interesting. Maybe some will stick, maybe no one will like any. koth_lego_town The only thing I have to worry about this map is it's small. koth_rats_office_b1_2 Despite this also being a King of the hill map, it worked well in Freak Fortress servers.(The only real different was hales could cap in the one I am thinking of, but used a maps like crevice the same way.) Aside from that I love this map. My favorite Rats Map. vsh_remains_of_king_b1 This one looks pretty cool, sets a nice mood for fighting Daring Do. If I happen to come across anymore from Playing freak fortress, or on my own. I will update my suggestion list here with any map I think would work well.
  11. Still the best Changeling.

  12. I think the reason telefrag is not as useful as it is in other FF servers. In other servers that use the normal FF weapons changes, a engine can't kite by teleporting away and rebuilding there stuff fast. So they have to make all of there buildings count once at best, so telefrag-neer is a much more common play style as the moment the Hale comes for you, or finds you, they will kill you. Not to mention a lot of FF bosses relies on a teleport to get around some of the more giant maps so there chance of being telefragged is increased by a shit ton. Another reason it's more useful is, the activity of the server(s) I visit tend to get a few new people everyday, that don't know how to play hale, and telefragging them is easy. That's what I think. I also Don't trust any of the guides as I been told they are all outdated. So may I ask, what is the widowmaker's stats, and why is it good for soft exploits.
  13. It's doesn't matter too much, a good kite-a-neer Will a few good spots to cycle between with teleports once the hale finds them and begins to try to destroy the sentry.
  14. Oi, don't put words in my mouth. D: It was less trying to put words in your mouth, and me failing to qoute you right. I will edit it to fix it.