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  1. Because no one is playing anymore.
  2. The US server has been updated, it just must not be working.
  3. Fun fact of the day: First time I joined VSP it was on the megaman map I'm pretty sure.

  4. Well I guess the discord is more for the steam group, not the website (although it isn't really that much more active honestly).
  5. Hmm, regular US server is down. Funbox is still up though.

    1. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      Funbox has been broken for a long time i think, and the EU server is usually up but the item server for it is broken. regular US server is going to always be down longer than the EU server since it's the one that get's played the most..

    2. ๖ۣۜPinkamena


      Us Minigames and Us VSP got some issues yesterday, that make them both crash when playing in. It will be fix as soon has possible. Thanks for your patience !

  6. Okay, so I've come back and I have infact used the Dragon's Fury, and I see what you meant. I'm going to try and fix up my stat suggestion The Dragon's Fury !On kill: Enemy turns into ash !Fires a ball of fire at the enemy +100% damage +75% knockback +Upon hitting burning player: +50% damage Add extra afterburn damage (stacks up to 4x afterburn damage) -No airblast -After 5 shots the weapon must cool down I feel this retains the usage of repeatedly hitting burning enemies, while also making it deal more knockback as I originally envisioned. The knockback also helps balance the increased afterburn damage as the boss moves further away from you, while the cool down prevents you locking them up against a wall with the knockback. For the Thermal Thruster, I again believe it should remain the same. For The Gas Passer, I do feel it should have similar usage, but also having something extra added to it. I feel like when the boss is doused in gas, the hit that ignites them should deal critical damage and the afterburn should last double the length of time. But maybe have a longer cooldown when the gas actually hits the boss. For the Hot Hand, I always though it was kinda a joke weapon so I thought that joke idea should be brought into VSP by actually making it really powerful, but removing every other weapon. The Pyro got so pissed off he just dropped all his weapons and started slapping the sh*t out of the boss. The Hot hand +100% damage (with constant crits this means it deals 500% more damage) +100% knockback On hit: Gain speed boost On hit: Enemy sees stars (goomba stomp effect). On kill: Burst into uncontrollable laughter -Removes Primary and secondary weapon, and spellbook
  7. Well I mean, would Sarysa and Noname be willing to work on a reboot? Considering the reason they left, I feel like that's something they'd consider. I mean, did Raini and Simple do any of the coding or did they just run the servers?
  8. Well if any of the old devs (sarsya, scootz, noname) have any code and models left, we could potentially do a revive. I have all the music and sound files saved on my desktop. Would you consider this?
  9. Thing is the servers were never taken down. It's just the devs haven't updated them because they forgot that updates exist.
  10. I really hope someone actually fixes this...

    I'm actually getting emotional.

  11. Sometimes things really need to be handed on to someone else. This is one of those times. It doesn't feel right for it to die this way.
  12. I'm not very good at percentages so I suggested something that sounded reasonable to me. And yes I don't own these weapons but I have an understanding of how they work.
  13. So new update, new weapons (finally). Assuming VSP is NOT dead: The Dragon's Fury !causes 20 second afterburn +100% damage +50% damage against burning hales +20% knockback -90% firing speed (aka fires super slow) Thermal Thruster: Identical, however goomba stomps deal more damage maybe? In the case of seapony it could probably just act as a boost. The Gas Passer: As well as igniting the hale upon gunfire, whatever causes it to ignite also deals critical damage. So if combined with a rocket, it can deal lots of damage. The Hot Hand: !Upon hit: creates a star effect (like when you goomba stomp) +50% damage (since it's crit boosted it's basically +350%) +75% knockback +Announces every hit in the killfeed -removes primary weapon -removes secondary weapon The Second Banana: If I remember correctly, the sandvich is only usable once per round in VSP, right? If so: +Can be used twice. -Only restores 125 health when used.
  14. Considering how the update has completely broke everything, I really hope that they decide to actually fix things for once. VSP was really great and I don't want it to die yet.
  15. From what I saw it just seems like the servers need to update their version of TF2. Although obviously the new weapons need stats.
  16. Did the update really break everything? I thought the server just needed to update.

  17. Please don't tell me VSP is dead, it was really fun.

  18. As far as I see, the spy-cicle is the same as the normal knife. Suggestion for it: Unusual effect: Blizzardy storm +(reasonable)% damage bonus (I don't know what is reasonable) +50 health +Afterburn Immunity +10%(?) faster move speed +25% faster swing speed +x% damage resistance (doesn't instantly die from hale) -Cannot disguise (kit removed) -Cannot cloak (watch removed) -Honorbound: Once equipped (auto-equipped at start of round), you cannot switch out until you score a hit. -Spellbooks cannot be used with this weapon !On backstab (on boss only, not minions unless high hp minion like bear): Massive amount of damage is done, knife is disabled (regens after 20 secs like normal game), instantly cloaked for 10 seconds and disguised (if killed a high hp minion disguise as minion and don't cloak).
  19. I'll explain and perhaps modify the spellbooks for matter horn and Mane six Twilight: Matter horn: Fire and ice spells will use the red and blu fireball models respectively, and will arc like a meteor spell. Fire will not do initial damage (except for pyros or players with fire resistant items), but the afterburn does damage, and it also knocks back. As said, death effect is disintegration. Ice ball will do damage (extra damage on pyros and fire resistant items), apply the frost effect from the spycicle and snowflake effect (perhaps even a blizzardy storm effect?) and slow effect. As said, death effect is ice statue. Lightning spell does hurt players, but will not kill them, and as said will frighten them (very small range and short length, or perhaps no loss of speed.) Mane six Twilight: Going to redo these. Five rocket spells: Like fireballs when seapony is being played. Shoots a low damage rocket. Three fireball spells: Unlike matter horn, these are normal fireballs, with no arc, and using the blue model. One jump spell: This is a special one. After being blasted into the air, twilight will release a barrage of low damage pumpkin bomb rockets (the orange ones with purple trail and different explosion) surrounding her. Also, might try and rethink rages for some of the power ponies: Radiance: Turns herself into a pink crystal pony, making her unable to catch fire and slightly more damage resistant. It also, instead of frightening sentries, temporarily applies a sapper that doesnt do damage, but still needs to be destroyed.. Zapp: Same, but tornado applies a temporary fall damage immunity (meaning if you fall off the map you tp back to spawn like a boss would). Mistress mare-velous: Obviously the scouts will have to be in blu. The whip rage shouldn't stun, but just slow down and perhaps pull closer. Also by 'achievement earned effect' I meant basically goomba stomp effect. Fili-second: Obviously walking on walls won't work, maybe just make super jump charge really fast, and have no/less cooldown? Hum drum: As I said, no rage. To balance it, obviously more health and faster speed, and maybe you should also nerf sentry knockback for this boss since he won't be able to counter it? Also for the mane six boss: Again, AJ's death-rage is what I said above. Maybe her mini-rage should give her the apple launcher like it does on her death rage, but with much less ammo. Flutters' death rage should be the slow down, and twilight's death rage should perhaps, I don't know, summon a dead player as a spike minion, with maybe 500-1000 health and a flamethrower? (if somehow no players are dead, twilight will become spike, or if one of the other mane six are dead, they will) Also, the mane six boss should require 16 or more players to select, you should be able to select any of the characters to play as. And also, for the rainbow powers, obviously give them rainbow trails, and perhaps change their weapons to gold/australium/festive if possible? (Twilight = still freedom staff but makes gold statues, rarity = australium knife, RD = festive bat, Flutters =festive ubersaw, AJ = Golden wrench, and Pinkie = Golden pan).
  20. I'm not going to retype this, but I'll link it because I don't know if many people considered it. (yes, I know, stun rages, I wrote that a year ago) Also, a suggestion for a passive-style 'equalise' effect for starlight: when she is boss, disable custom trails and models.
  21. New death-rage suggestion for Applejack in the mane six boss: Since she is a rather strong pony, when she is defeated, she goes onto her 'last legs', during which she is ubered and has an 'apple launcher' (grenade launcher that shoots apples like braeburns rage), but she will be really slow and cannot super jump. She obviously cannot be damage, but she will slowly bleed out, eventually dying (start her with say, 100 health, losing one health every half second?) Also, the way I think the group rage could work is that they equip their elements of harmony if they are ready to rage and once they all do, it activates (yes I know the elements were gone by the time rainbow powers were available, but do you have any better suggestions?) Also, can I have any comments or suggestions about the other two bosses I suggested?
  22. (Not my avatar obviously) Name: Midnight Firework Residence: Large area of land in a town I haven't come up with a name for. Backstory: (actually was some backstory to do with a really hated transformation genre, so I'll make up something else instead). Born away from places like Canterlot and Ponyville, she lives with her marefriend, working as a spa pony. She is a unicorn with knowledge of basic medicinal magic, alchemy (used for spa work and 'other things') and certain 'body transformation' spells. In the spa, she can perform most normal treatments, along with magically enhanced treatments, and also occasionally works in the 'comfort room' (also known as the pleasure room). She enjoys occasionally stopping her magic and doing things like an earth pony or pegasus would.
  23. Ahh, I see. I meant the partial stun, aka the fear stun where people can move, for Twi. I can see the annoyance for AJ, I just didn't want to make her death rage the same as her mini-rage.
  24. Boss: Rara (Countess Coloratura) Weapon: Saxxy Class: Medic (or soldier?) Movement: Superjump Main Rage: She becomes her model version (aka Countess Coloratura), this causes her to be slower and has a beacon on her, but it also 'distracts' nearby players (slows them down and perhaps slows their firing speed and weapon switch speed). Reload rage: She breaks her sound, causing all players to have their game sound be completely muted (meaning they cannot hear if their hits connect, nor can they hear medic cries, or deaths of other players. This also mutes microphones). Music: I don't know of any Fanmade songs, but of course the music from the show works. Boss: Gordon Freemane (I have suggested this before, but I might try and make it better slightly) Weapon: Freedom Staff (appears as crowbar in third person), shotgun (appears as half life 2 shotgun in third person), Liberty Launcher (appears as half life 2 rpg in third person) Class: Soldier Movement: Superjump Main Rage: He is given a rocket launcher/RPG. The rockets fired can be guided using the crosshair (is this possible to code?). It has three shots. Secondary rage: He is given a shotgun.It has 8 shots and can be double-fired using the secondary fire. Music: Various Half Life 2 soundtracks, I would recommend 'Last Legs', 'CP Violation', 'Nuclear Mission Jam', and 'Sector Sweep'. EDIT: You might have to shorten the beginning of nuclear mission jam. I also recommend 'Apprehension and Evasion', 'You're Not Supposed To Be Here', and 'Vortal Combat'. Boss: Mane six (I know that this existed and was removed, but perhaps this can be balanced, with a unique rage style) Weapons and classes: Same as the normal versions of the hales (Twilight is an alicorn in this). However, weapon damage is debuffed a lot. Movement: Twilight and rarity have a teleport, the rest have superjump (as usual, pinkie's recharges faster). Rage: This rage is unique. Each pony must have a full rage in order to activate, and it is very difficult. Once rage is fully charged, they activate the elements of harmony and become their 'rainbow powered' forms. In these forms, their weapons do a lot of damage, and they move fast. If one of them dies, they can still charge it together, as long as three or more are left. Mini-rages: Each boss has a minirage. Twilight can summon a spellbook with 3 fire spells and 2 teleport spells. Rarity can disguise herself. RD can give herself a speed boost. Fluttershy can blow away close players. Pinkie can make nearby players laugh along with herself. AJ can stun nearby players (partial stun, not full). Death rages: If a boss dies, it will create a small death rage, most based on their normal rage. Twilight stuns nearby players in the same manner as her normal rage, Rarity makes the other bosses invisible for a short while, Rainbow Dash slows time temporarily (I believe her rage originally was this), Fluttershy ubers the other bosses temporarily (like when her bear dies), or perhaps she slows nearby players. Pinkie covers other player's screens with her normal rage effect, and AJ fully stuns nearby players. Other Balances (this boss only): Players have multiple lives. When they lose one, they are reset to a just spawned state (demos have no heads, regenerated shield, etc), and are given ten second speed and uber (maybe uber for only five seconds?) Also, shield items can still be used after they have been destroyed (except ones designed to be shields, like the razorback etc.). Engineers can build buildings much faster and have stronger buildings. Also, spellbooks generate spells much faster and now have tp spells. Spies will instacloak on backstab. Medic ubercharge starts at 50% and lasts twice as long. Demoknights and KGB heavies have more health, and the Horseless Headless Helper lasts for longer. Pyros can now build up a damage bonus for hitting the boss with their flamethrower. Soldiers banners last for longer, and scouts milk regenerates faster. Feel free to make any other balances. Music: Whatever was on the old Mane Six hale. Most of these probably won't be added, but maybe you could atleast consider them? EDIT: Also, you should make it so that whenever someone plays seapony, the actual classes yell in annoyance, just to add to it.