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  1. ill be waiting for the day, pinkie pie gets reworked. untill then i shall sleep
  2. spreading the poll is a good idea but keep in mind that the big majority doesnt really care anymore considering how much wasted time we alredy had in the past. I assume that right now we probably only have the regulars. Still worth a shot tho i guess
  3. That was somthing we actually picked up a few months ago but yknow.. Nobody gave a shit. A new start by switching the ownership is probably a really good idea but yeaaaa.. What is the chance of that happening, lets be honest here That was somthing we actually picked up a few months ago but yknow.. Nobody gave a shit. A new start by switching the ownership is probably a really good idea but yeaaaa.. What is the chance of that happening, lets be honest here. You dont even hear anything from those guys from the top either at all. do they still exist? Are they alive? Are they even aware that we are talking about it. Probably, but from how speech and response is working for the past 2 years now here its kinda eeeh. Gathering up a team would also not even take much time. There are quite a few people in this community who would be up for the task if i remember right. In the end we can talk about what we COULD do or what MIGHT be possible but if they actually dont DO and ACT it doesnt matter. And if its due to IRL whatever, give it up to someone else or atleast SAY SOMTHING. jeez
  4. It would be nice to see the Servers alive again since that was the only reason i used to play TF2 in the first place.. Alot of stuff have been mentioned alredy above so the only thing i can add is checking a few weapons which broke as well that you balanced in the past. Like the Manmelter which i talked about once. And yea , reworking and fixing Hales and all of the other stuff. i would suggest reworking hales like spike and pinkie pie as example. People usually never used him at all because he was just simply trash compared to everything else etc. and pinkie pie had quite the history as well where im still surprised that she just got ignored for most of the part. Sure they removed crits and said stuff like "dont Reload mid air or else you will get banned" but in the end the entire Ability is useless unless you stand exactly right in front of someone and even then you just get one hit from that and honestly, might as well just hit them without that if you are there alredy, right? (she is basically just a Pink Braeburn without crits but clones lmao) but bleh, i dont know if its really gonna come back. its been like idk.. a year? almost?
  5. where is lmao? son of mao?

    1. CaptainMo
    2. Mena


      now that changes everything 11055351_t.jpg.676b8330aeebe57ed266993cd8fe9ace.jpg

  6. #makevspactuallygoodagainpls

  7. I heard about raini and simple not really giving one but that it's this bad.. rip I suppose? Honestly I don't quite understand this. What's the point of them owning all of this, when the only thing they are actually doing is letting Everything burn which could have been something great. I play on vsp because it's an unique and fun vsh server. Like if they are simply to lazy to do shit, there are people who can code in the fucking community. Like just as example captain mo or pinkamena . Like wtf . Only think left to say here that the server is absolutely broken now. Either they start to do shit or it's dead end tbh
  8. well uh.. lets see.. broken hales, steam id gets ignoredd, broken stats, donations are dead, item server dipped, map bugs, hale points set to 0 for everyone which means that only one person can play hale unless he leaves the server xd like boiz.. the server is broken for like a year now. if you just dont want to keep it goin, might as well give up the ownership to someone else or idk. close the servers xd
  9. #spike is thicc

  10. well well well... normaly i dont rly mind whats happening with the staff.. buut i am not sure about tails as a mod. i do see him as a great friend and respect him alot. but just like pinkamena alredy said earlier.. he has his sides. I guess you could try it out. But just one thing... out of my view atleast: if he keeps his anger down on vsp it would be fine. From what i have seen sofar is the fact that if you are flaming even if its just a little bit, or showing your anger on the servers.. nobody will take you seriously. and its important to be taken serious as a mod, right? right. anyway.. dont mind me. im just lurking around anyway.. :v ...pls dont sue me tails..
  11. well.. im not rly sure with this suggestion to be honest.. but hey.. yall can give it a test run and wait for some feedback. but personaly.. i wont say anything to this ..
  12. Well im not a brony.. But i can say: There is no reason to be ashamed about somthing that you like c: nobody should feel ashamed for for stuff that they like.. Unless its illegal .x.
  13. Sup boys n girls.. Just wanted to make this quick.. So.. Back then when the tough break started.. They changed a few stats.. And weapons got buffed and nerfed.. But There is one weapon that i want to talk about.. The Axtinguisher.. Its pretty useless on vsp now.. Unless you run after the Hale while swinging it like a retard.. So.. If its possible.. Could you actualy Change the stats for it on the Server so its more usefull? It was a fun weapon to use. Also... The manmelter.. It almost deals 300 DMG with afterdmg a hit.. And remember that you can spamm that thing like an smg.. You can get 2k without even trying withing like 20 SECONDS.. Im using it like a month now.. Please.. Its just to strong.. The hitbox.. Alredy bit thx to valve.. With the unlimited ammo.. Speaking of the manmelter.. The manmelter breaks when you are fighting against fnaf pony.. Against raritys rage which can take the ammo away.. Since the manmelter has no ammo.. It just broke.. And you cant shoot with it untill the round ends.