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  1. Hello everybody id like to show you another pre-alpha game. This game is Called STRAFE and the main thing is, its done in oldschool style of 90`s videogames. Yes, Like Quake. Link For Demo: P.S. : This game works without lags even on Toshiba laptops soo go on and try it out. P.P.S: I`m lazy to find Imac version.But it right on same website just click back to STRAFE page back and there will be link
  2. Also If someone will be able to get DUSK Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Demo, I would be happy as hell
  3. And Here I am again with another Old Theme Game. THE DUSK Game is actually looks like Quake with Old Old theme But still got some fun Newish stuff. Second game i actually liked and Looks like old school one is WRACK the game itself keeps The actual "Doom Quake System" of Gameplay but suffers from small amount of weapons,levels and actual kind of game modes which are simmilar to the basic.Plus its got checkpoint system which is awfullyy bad in shooters as far as we all know.
  4. I found out that HHH is cannot be killed plus can`t move at all meanwhile you still deal damage.Also if you unequip Cosmetics on Spy/soldier you can be minion
  5. Guys its Here. God damn Fallout Equestria The game is Here . Link : I never was Soo Hyped even when seen Fallout 4^^
  6. USERNAME: Overzealous Luna Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:112693412 Steam Link: Ponyville Server: Versus Ponyville EU Transgression: Friendly,Stalling. Im suprised that person isnt banned yet.Since June That person being friendly non stop,And i pointed that hes breaking rules For FAR to much times,he kept doing that.3 months passed,Nothing changed.People keep telling that person stop being friendly.And Guess what?Nothing happends. Enough People seen that.Even mods and admins. I would LOVE to see that person perma banned.But,sadly,i cant deal with it.Its all up to you Staff. Oh right,Proof.heres One that i wasnt lazy to screenshot:
  7. Let me explain whole situation with *cough* "insulting". That screenshot where I call R1 R1 R1 ext. Retarded,that was only in self defense. Plus fact that o were muted by Pinkamena,player named Festive Rarifruit insulted me and used phrase "Get over here you son of a bitch" atleast 15 times.I had my limit and said him what I thought about him,Meanwhile, Pinkamena totally ignored that and told me to stop.I said no. Plus about pinkamena ignoring some people who are insulting others,that's usual thing for him on EU. P.S.: Apologies for using quotes with vulgar words.
  8. Yeah that stuff is fun.Had same thing.Finaly med Can ask for Pocket and Blow the **** up stuff with beggars Bazooka C:
  9. Dovashy before nerf.Instakill Whole RED team,22 players. Feels good Man ^^
  10. Bug when in Pre-round people got spells and VSP weapon Stats.Bug with Stock Weapon stats. in Pre round its kinda annoying to get killed by spell fireball in your face or by Demoknight shield. Well,Stock Stats is stock stats.No need to explain why its bad.
  11. Yeah thats truth i had Issues Tchat and about that insult,Person named Rarifruit actually insulted Much much more people in voice chat,and insulted me too,I couldnt hold it anymore and said my part.Yes That was bad and I can accept my fault.About Being easly upset.I Did care bout tunnels before.Not anymore.For last atleast MONTH,im trying to not say anything like "Man you fucking Retarded",and EVen if i say that mostly its not serious and done only for laught.
  12. Steam Nickname: -masTA- Steam Link: SteamID:STEAM_0:1:114930990 Ponyville server: (Europe) - Versus Ponyville - Transgession:NO FRIENDLY ALLOWED. That person were friendly as medic and as hale with his friend and most of the time when i play with that person i caught him camping on spawn. Evidence: P.S. On Screenshot you can see 3K damage.Thats because his friend (hale) let him do a goomba. P.P.S: Screenshot were made by Rappy, and its all what i got to report that person.
  13. User Name: R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 SteamID:STEAM_0:1:47242528 SteamLink: VSP Server; (Europe) - Versus Ponyville - Transgession: NO STALLING/FRIENDLIES. That Person was reported lot and lots of time to admins,Were Banned,Kicked.And after all this stuff,all warning he keep doing same shit. He keep doing Stalling and friendly with his friend,reddead125(wich were kicked lots of time too). I am not mod or admin to think about such things,But if person keep doing same thing over and over again Like those two twats,i think they need permaban.But my Job is report people thats it. Proof #1 About R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1: Proof #2 about reddead125: Gonna Add quote of his message "I'm sorry,but my friend and I are gonna stall,we have nothing else to do"
  14. Yes Please fix the issue with medi-gun.Its Soo annoying when you getting killed cause of that bug -.-
  15. Actually Spells did had the Debuffs But Updates Gun Mettle,Tough Break,MeetYourMatch Are destroyed Stats for it.And the Biggest spells spammers are known on EU Aka Its worthless to type here.EU is rarely getting updated,cauuse EU and JAP Servers are not on auto update feature.(Wich is Kinda sad).
  16. Europe Need to fix issue with no Donor and Mod Status soon as possible.Some People ignore all warning if they breaking rules.(Like being friendly or Starting ERP in Voice/Text Chat),Cause they know Admins/Mods Does not having their power to ban/kick them.
  17. Kyle isnt that kind of people who will abuse powers of Mod or stuff like that.After knowin` him over a 2 years i can be for sure he wont do that.And i recommend mod him as mod atleast on Europe server.
  18. Hello Everyone i want to recommend Kyle as Mod. STEAM Link He playing on VSP for 5 years.He is online everyday and never break any rules at all.He is warning people which Breakin Rules.And He is playing on VSP every day.Oh yeah Alot of People knows Him and Love his company. So i highly Recommend Kyle as mod.
  19. Well,Medic isnt That Overpowered with Spells.Engi is.Snipers eh If person have good aim *wich i dont have* They are Dangerous,I agree.And Removing All Primaries?Eh i dont think its good idea.I think it should be like before the tough Break.Scout with only one Jump and other stuff.
  20. Also Ya can try out the Bedlam wich are Game What i Really enjoyed but Thanks to my PC *cough* Bullshit *Cough* *Cough* Its Teleporting you to Games of 90`s.From Shooters to RPG and other things.Also this game was created from Book with same name *highly recommend to read it because its awesome ^-^*.
  21. Hello Everyone i would ask to Tell wich stuff are Broken For now and Just would love to See its fixed and Bring Fair Stats back. Lets Start from Pyro.Our Dear Pyro Have Broken Reserve shooter wich will manage to get you Over 500 Damage by 4 shots.With Degreaser is Litteraly Pain in the ass with this weapon.1 Damage Flame and then Spamm Shotgun to get Damage.Even From RED spawn to Blu Spawn on Nucleus You deal 120 damage by 1shot.Wich Are not Fair at Fucking All 2nd Is SPells.God This Thing is Broken As Hell now.EVery single Class getting spells and dont have any Buffs Like Less HP or cant use some Kind of Item. Engineers on Europe server litteraly playing with Lvl 3 Sentry and Spells Non stop.Nothing can Win without rage.The Pyro With Spells..Wont even talk about this because everyone Know this shit. Thats what i got for now.If ill find other stuffs i`ll Tell.
  22. Aha.Thanks for Explaining.^-^
  23. Welp You can Find Trailer on The Official youtube channel or by just typing STRAFE in youtube >-<
  24. I Dont get it to be honest.
  25. Won 17 games in CSGO got banned for week cause Power went off. Nice ban system Valve :skeptical:

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      Jdog :D

      that is very unfair

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      That's Valve and my Connection.We both hate each other C: