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  1. Main servers are down while we address problems with our host. EU and JP are still up in the meantime.

  2. So did you get to my ban protest yet? I was serious about being sorry you know. Again, we were only trying to do our jobs. not pick with random people for no reason. That completely contradicts the entire purpose of our outreach. We only wish to help other people who have been abused, not be the ones to cause said abuse. Again I am very sorry for threatening Videogames380. If you could take the time out of your busy day to read this. it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    1. xombiekilla8


      And if in the likely event that my ban protest was ignored and deleted and safe to assume it was at this point, Tell me...what was it that I said in the ban protest that would be classified as scolding, shouting or otherwise threatening other staff in anyway, shape or form? Because as I recall correctly, I have done no such thing. And therefore, fail to see the problem here. Look, I just want this to be resolved for everyone alright simple. 

  3. Yo Simple, I was wondering what the status would be on my ban protest by any chance? I really never meant to cause a scene at all. honest.

  4. Yo simple. I have something I need to discuss with you. Yes it's about why you banned me. Now I however can't fully relinquish the blame from myself. At the time when I confronted Auro, Skylas and Taoru. I firmly believed that they'd finally receive  their comeuppance. But then something completely out of left field happened, Skylas actually wanted to talk to me via steam personal message. At first I wondered what could they want from me. but then he just wanted to talk this over. and all of us to settle a compromise and get along. How could I not want that right?  I suppose somebody from there decided to contact you when I thought everything was alright and everyone was cool. I mean you were only doing your job, so I can't fault you for that. Although I have'ta say, I don't rightly appreciate getting backstabbed when I thought everything was cool. So my question now would be who told you this and why? Could you help me with this? I would very much appreciate it bro. I'm not mad, just confused.

  5. An update is coming out, EDIT: Reserve shooter will no longer set things on fire. It's damage will also be slightly reduced. Axtinguisher's ammo reduction will be lessened. Scorch shot will do more damage. Volcano fragment will have an ammo reduction stat. Market gardener will not reduce ammo anymore Vaccinator will have increased movement speed (5%)
  6. Several people have been made moderator based on suggestions on this thread:
  7. An update is coming out today: All the new skins (Tough Break) have been added, should work fine without the prior issues (pistols not getting crits, etc) Tomislav has increased movement speed Sharpened Volcano Fragment has more afterburn now, and no more ammo penalty Reserve shooter now causes fire on hit Big Earner now regens health passively Direct Hit causes minicrits on targets on fire Jarate gives no falling damage, passive regen Manmelter has slower firing speed Degreaser now spends ammo even slower Loose cannon has the slow attribute removed to make it match the update Grenade launcher reverted to stock configuration, however it does shoot 10% faster now and gives 20% more primary ammo
  8. Thanks for the suggestions this far! Await removals this week.
  9. Sorry for me being missing! I have moved and now am in California. I will continue working on the balancing/server stuff as normal now.

    1. PBandJ Commando
    2. Skeith


      It's been a while since I moved out of California. Hope you enjoy it there more then I ever did.

  10. IDK, every time I use the phlog I consistently get 2K or more damage. That's more than what I get with other pyro weapons, for sure. What exactly is bad about it? It's a high risk high reward weapon, you can't be healed because you can do basically a thousand damage a second once you get up close. The hales that aren't smart enough to just jump away you can rack up 5K easily. Noted about the reserve shooter and the volcano fragment, looking through the Pyro document now. Tomislav, Jarate, Big Earner, Direct Hit I will take a look at today.
  11. This thread will serve as a notification board of sorts of the ongoing issues. It will serve to provide information, and hopefully provide an insight into what's going on behind the scenes. It will be updated with our progress towards the goals/fixes, as they come. Current issues as of 1/20/2016: Medigun removes all charge once it's under 40% for the medic. Medigun will have the 40% overhead removed, and balanced with other attributes to make it more useful (will detail in the weapon suggestions thread). The issue is deeper than just that, it has to do with VSP proper. Big Earner causes Dead Ringer to actuate. Also Reserve Shooter is super OP. We're aware, will fix shortly. Magic isn't working correctly. There is currently a thread with the discussion on this topic, the issue has to do with Valve removing an attribute that is integral to the balancing of the plugin. We may decrease primary ammo for all magic users by half, for example. Right now we are waiting to see if Valve has finalized this attribute removal or if any better ideas come up. Removing certain maps. Put whatever map you think is overplayed or broken in the server issues/suggestions thread, and it will be looked at. EDIT: Removing maps is imminent based on feedback received in the suggestions thread.
  12. You have been unbanned, but keep in mind any other infractions will likely net you another permanent ban. Read the MOTD and have fun!
  13. Due to popular demand, we pushed an update which removed Donut Steel and made Dr. Whooves a non-donor boss.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Steel Crescent

      Steel Crescent

      even though i don't play anymore that's good news :3

    3. ThunderRunner
    4. (Juan) Flash of Memory

      (Juan) Flash of Memory

      Dr. Whooves no longer a donor-only boss? I want a full refund :3 (jk)

  14. These maps will be added. But first, could someone test them to make sure that they work? As in examples on other servers or putting them on a test server. We can do that, but it will take a bit before that's available. It would speed the process up if anyone can make sure that the deathrun maps actually work and don't crash on startup or the like.
  15. That has been done. Nominate will be removed as soon as we figure out how to restrict it.