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  1. Yo simple. I have something I need to discuss with you. Yes it's about why you banned me. Now I however can't fully relinquish the blame from myself. At the time when I confronted Auro, Skylas and Taoru. I firmly believed that they'd finally receive  their comeuppance. But then something completely out of left field happened, Skylas actually wanted to talk to me via steam personal message. At first I wondered what could they want from me. but then he just wanted to talk this over. and all of us to settle a compromise and get along. How could I not want that right?  I suppose somebody from there decided to contact you when I thought everything was alright and everyone was cool. I mean you were only doing your job, so I can't fault you for that. Although I have'ta say, I don't rightly appreciate getting backstabbed when I thought everything was cool. So my question now would be who told you this and why? Could you help me with this? I would very much appreciate it bro. I'm not mad, just confused.