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  1. If the Dallas or San Jose server crashes, please post the time, date, and map that it crashed on in this thread. Raini needs specific details to fix the problem, so please don't post something like "It crashed a lot today" because that is too relative and unhelpful, thanks.
  2. A new record-breaking TAS of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is in the process of being published at The guy beats it in 5 minutes + 37.87 seconds. The glitches that occur during this TAS are hilarious.
  3. I'm using Windows 7. The second image is my desktop in 2009, when I was using Vista. It has been a long time since I've had something other than just a plain black wallpaper. Oh, and... JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKERRRRRR
  4. Current: The last time I had an actual wallpaper was at least 18 months ago, but this is what it looked like:
  5. I would love to learn to Design & Create 3-D Anmation. What a prfesional ad.
  6. I don't see this happening, it conflicts with the invincibility donator perk.
  7. One of the coolest stop motion animations I've seen in a while:
  8. The sexual harassment I am referring to that multiple regulars witnessed, was you went off on a female player telling her stuff like: (warning, explicit language) Thank you for your apology, the ban will be lifted some time Thursday (09/01) evening. This is the only 2nd chance you will get for this type of behavior though, so please do not repeat the same mistakes again.
  9. Yes, permanent until you apologize. I warned you and your friend multiple times, kicked you, etc. and this is all you have to say? You and your friend Half Pound Bond's behavior was completely unacceptable. You were sexually harassing a girl on the server (on an MLP server of all places) and saying highly inappropriate things to Ghost. After I kicked you, you did the same thing as your friend and came back behaving the same. Even after your friend got banned for 1 day you continued to insult/harass players, and disrespect me. There was no misunderstanding, if you like playing here then show some respect when an admin tells you to stop. I expect an apology if you are to be let back on the server, in which case I will unban you myself. If you feel like turning this into an argument, then your ban stays. PS: there were 3 admins present during this incident including myself, and the other 2 approved.
  10. Pencil & Paper. Write down the things you want then sketch a floor plan, and go from there. Utilizing pencil & paper to help spatially visualize something is a helpful skill for a lot of things in life. You might think, "Oh but that requires so much time and effort," but it actually will save the time and effort it takes. It is a lot less frustrating than 'eyeballing' everything.
  11. Martin Galway, Matt Gray, Rob Hubbard, and Tim Follin were perhaps the most revolutionary composers of music in home computer games. They made game and loader music for the Commodore 64, which utilized the SID chip to produce 8-bit sound and music that were very advanced for their time. The SID only had 3 output channels, so often times game companies that hired these artists would completely sacrifice in-game sound effects so that the composers could make full use of the 3 channels. Here are samples from each artist, at least check out the Arkanoid Loader and Last Ninja 2: Martin Galway - Arkanoid (Loader) Matt Gray - Last Ninja 2 Rob Hubbard - Monty on the Run Tim Follin - Scumball
  12. Sorry, I know I'm not Rainicorn, but I believe you should use the radio edited version. There are a lot of young people that play on the server, so it is generally frowned upon and considered poor taste to mic spam stuff that includes racist/sexist words; Even if it is pony-related.
  13. <3 P.S. He did the Free Willie soundtrack right?
  14. Hahaha, Concerta is a brand name Methylphenidate drug. I'm guessing she is hyper? (I worked in pharmacy for 5 years)