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  1. Hello! I'd Like To Nominate Zeke Aileron For Moderator, Zeke Is Active And Is Very Helpful, He'd Be A Great Addition. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zeke_Aileron/
  2. Pretty Sure I Have No Right To Be Speaking Here, But Lemme Just Say This... Lrad, For The Time I've Known You, You've Been Constantly Using The Microphone, It's Kinda Annoying After Awhile....Another Thing, It's Also Annoying Of How You Say Pinkie Clones PLUS Changelings Are Your Kills, Also The Fact Of How When You Dont Get A Pinkie Clone Or Changeling Kill, You Act Very Immature About It From What I've Seen. Also, I Was On The Server Today And Saw You Complaining About Using Text Chat Multiple Times, But That's Not How You're Going To Get Unmuted...Though That Sounds Weird, I Think You Should Wait ATLEAST 1-3 Months Before You Get Unmuted And See What It Feels Like Using The Chat And Getting Used To It, So You Cant Spam Microphone....Also. I Heard You Told An Admin To F*ck Off Then Told Someone To Go And Kill-themselves After They Left The Server, Which Is Really Rude And Disrespectful. You Should Be Glad It's Just A Perma-Mute And Not A Perma-Ban, Since An Admin Could Had Easily Banned You For That, Once Again. I Probably Have No Rights To Be Saying This. But I Still Want To Say Something. (Very Sorry If This Is Confusing, I Make Alot Of Typo's + Have Really Bad Grammar) Another Thing ; Im Very Glad Of How You're Realizing You Were Using The Microphone Too Much, And How You're Trying Your Best To Use Chat More Than Microphone. I Hope You Improve More In The Future. An Honest Opinion From ; Koma.
  3. Yes Please