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  1. Has anyone happened to notice that last weeks episode, this week, and next weeks all have Rarity involved? Any idea why that might be?
  2. A song for some people I know that need to get their heads out of the water. If you understand the meaning of the song you'll get what I'm saying:
  3. Today is a great milestone for one of the forerunners of Video Games, Super Mario Brothers as it celebrates its 30th Anniversary today. One of the best selling games of all time that revolutionized the way we play games today, and helped revive the Video Game Franchise from the Big Crash of the 1970s, Super Mario Brothers has brought forth a formula that to this day is still loved by many people, classics and modern alike. (Credit to Dinkleberg for finding the video)
  4. Oh boy, prepare yourself for a doozy people, this is a big rant that needs to be let out at some people. No names will be given. ------------------------------------ ------ Ugh, I hate being angry... .-.;
  5. My sweet things are slowly changing with inconsistent dreams

  6. My Shovel will never fail me!

  7. Holy crap people. This has been a crazy week for Nintendo rumors flying off the panhandle! First, let me give some context: Now, before this reveal trailer was released, many rumors speculated about the Amiibo coming out, due to a fake picture. However, followed with this added some rumors of Shovel Knight possibly appearing in Smash 4. Yacht Club Games said these were false, however this website claims that's not the case: It's really hard to say what is true and what isn't, however, because people already had made rumors of an Amiibo being a real thing, we can only hope that this cerulean knight will finally be one of the first indie created characters to be featured in Smash. The reason I wrote this is because I AM ON PINS AND NEEDLES here, and my nerves are going crazy, because I know that if Shovel Knight is really not appearing in Smash, my heart is going to split into two, as will the rest of my body. So basically, I'm also warning everyone to try and not get their expectations up either, I'd hate for everyone including myself to get dashed against the jagged rocks of the cliffs of disappointment.
  9. Don't think for a moment that just because you're skilled in something that no one else can do, gives you the right to act like you have all the power in world. Sooner or later that inflated ego of yours is going to crash and burn.. And everyone else and I will be sitting here watching you go out in flames.

  10. So this just sorta surfaced like...Yesterday I think. Apparently I'm not the only one with this issue, but no one has been able to playback videos for some odd reason, despite following the fixes listed. Has anyone else had issues playing Youtube vids recently?
  11. So are we talking Invite level play here? For those not in the competitive scene, TF2's Comp Skill set is categorized as such from lowest skill to highest; Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and then Invite. Invite level is exactly as the name implies, where only the best of the best players are personally invited and sponsored by companies to play in tournaments with HUGE cash prizes up for grabs. However, this skill set is normally reserved for 6v6 gameplay and I've never heard of any such LAN tournaments for Highlander (9v9) games, but I could be wrong.
  12. nVidia > Radeon
  13. G-Mod and SFM together? Holy sheeets