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  1. Watch as Twitch now attempts to play Dark Souls 1. Will they ever clear Asylum Demon who knows but nothing is stopping you from wasting you time watching nearly 10,000 people rolling into a corner for 30 mins. TwitchPlaysDark
  2. That is a real stretch Dio. The two characters are nothing a like besides skin color and they have guns.
  3. Everyone needs to remember that everyone plays their own game and the only way to play TF2 "correctly" is to understand that. If someone wants to be peaceful then whatever. If someone has a plan to kill everyone they meet then that is their way to play. To be honest almost no one in this conversation has the right to say someone is doing something wrong and until people realize that then the PF2 project will go no where.
  4. Ok everyone needs to just calm down now. Let me make a post for Squee Squad and and the state of PF2 1. All members of Squee Squad were at least some sort of friends before the creation of the team as well as all members of the PF2 community. The creation of Squee Squad did not add any factors not already present on PF2 besides a name. To add to this Squee Squad, primarily myself, were always trying to get the stock server filled but would be cussed out about being tryhards so you should be able to understand our dislike for being on a certain players team. 2. The plugin to force team selection was brought to DL by Zen; however, DL never put the time into put the plugin in as it was not a primary concern for him. 3. Vin you were on the Squee Squad roster yourself until you were moved to a substitute position and drop yourself from the roster because of it and up until the point you dropped you were also someone to join the team in server with the SS members. Along with Vin, Steel, it is hard for me to accept anything you have said when literally all you put in chat on PF2 servers in complaining about people killing you. 4. Generally to everyone in this thread can we all just calm down a little bit. Look a a situation logically, cover all the base, then and only then make your post otherwise you just make yourself look like an idiot. and one final thing CS:GO is completely different from TF2 requiring more understanding of a unintuitive aiming system rather than teamwork. So while I may play GO it is far from a replacement for TF2
  5. All I know is that TF2 has a amazing feature called muting. If someone has a problem with someone swearing you can mute them and should it be a server wide agreement there is server wide mutes from a admin/moderator.
  6. 10 Painis out of 10
  7. Sunshine redemption. Squee Squad takes Glassworks with a 4-1 and 1-0 game and now is guaranteed playoff position. With next week being KotH I think we have a good shot a this.
  8. And that is why Sniper is the best
  9. This gonna be good
  10. Machina primarily due to the fact that I am try to stay out of situations when I need to no-scope regardless of which sniper I am using. I also usually use the Cozy Camper and with the buff it got I don't have to worry about random rockets killing me.
  11. Travler
  12. Crits
  13. My older post is again what I did today