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  1. Boooooooooooooooop!!!!!! *Apples rise up from the trees*
  2. Error x Wish?
  3. In a super speedy muffin suit ^-^
  4. boop / 10
  5. Boop ^-^
  6. ShinmeyM x A Basket of Flowers ^-^
  7. Boop o-o, maybe
  8. Winged Muffin Dress? Boop
  9. Boop #^-^# <3 Mhmm
  10. Is it possible to have more boop?
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I'd don't know if I'd really like to do it by hand. I like the idea of having my own layout. But, I don't have the attention span and personally enjoy the quickie sites since I can put elements into an easy snap grid and move along quickly. I did try to make stuff by hand with things like the google site creator, blue griffin, and a couple other free ones and it just felt too time consuming for what I really wanted to do. Maybe in the future I'll want to do it, but for now I'll use weebly or nix ^-^.
  12. I started creating a small self-help website to help anyone get help for removing viruses, finding alternative free programs, and getting different operating systems. I still have a couple small bits to add. I've been working as a technology consultant at a local business for the past year. But have always been interested in doing this type of stuff people people since I first began to understand computers. Anything I have on the site is exactly what I'd do or offer to customers, aside from the free operating systems. This site is not a replacement for professional help. The free programs I have listed may or may not be sufficient for your needs, and the operating systems are for those that want to explore, or breathe life into an old machine. My self help site is at: http://enrichedhelp.weebly.com/
  13. To Think, I replied to this because it was on the top of the list of the forums. It was started in 2012 :P. This thread is long since dead.
  14. Boop ^-^