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  1. anyone been playing wildstar now that its f2p? i'm on the warhound server


    1. flutters3469


      oh damn, first American team to get number 1?

    2. The_Mr_Kumar


      And now we move on to more important games.

  3. This is the third major change the problem with WoD was lack luster post launch content, questing was good, the dungeons were good, and from what I hear, the raids were good, but it just lack content.
  4. i'm interested, but I will probably play for a month and do the quests and then go back to playing something else unless they have something that keeps me interested in playing I disagree with you on some aspects 1) dungeons, sure, long dungeons can be fun but when you have to farm it for the most optimal piece of gear, its becomes tiring and a grind, all the dungeons except The Everbloom were good and didn't feel like a drag 2)PvP is something I was never interested in because blizzard for the longest time kept trying to balance pve and pvp at the same time, they are redoing the honor system and honor talents like that trinket that breaks out of CC and making gear cosmetic for reaching the higher ranks instead of just power (least that is what I'm being lead to believe). 3)When does a MMO ever really have good RP? you are better off getting a group of friends to do it with, you're not gonna find it in the public unless its a very close nit community. 4) the character customization is fine, sure, its simple and doesn't have much freedom, but compare the variety of race options to other MMOs that all don't look like just humans, elves, dwarves. I only know two MMOs, everquest and GW2. 5) the sub fee, as long as the subs are still profitable, they are gonna keep it, and usually how well do theme park MMOs like WoW do that are F2P and don't have most of the players subbing when there is a subscription options. @Disowned the Title Guy, you do know the Emerald dream is pretty much the blue-prints for Azeroth and is like going into safe-mode on your computer, how fun would it really be to have a whole expansion that looks the same as azeroth except for there are no towns, no creatures, nothing but bioms, it would be like minecraft except you couldn't mess with anything, no enemies, nothings. We are getting a bit of the Emerald dream in Legion which is fighting the corrupted section, something that is about as big as a major patch. and MoP was probably the most creative expansion since vanilla itself.
  5. what did I learn from watching this? guys with beards are the bad guys, princesses don't wear glasses, pegicorns are assholes, no body cares for skeletons
  6. what if your destiny is to have free will? what if you use your free will to follow destiny? I view life as a path with many options. I can go left or right, or I can break into the grass trusting my animal instincts.
  7. Glad hoho haha man got nerfed
  8. well, I got a revived interest in SMITE, if anyone wants to play, my name is kulsoratos, if your new, my refer-a-friend is on my profile

  9. but how can people make trolling video about kids playing a mature rated game?
  10. banned for whatever
  11. wonder if I should try to revive interest in dota on here

    1. The_Mr_Kumar


      Again, you're wasting your time on that.

  12. The last reply before yours was almost a year ago. So yes. didn't know if it became like on pf2 were a regular 7 people played so they had no reason to make a post or constantly update.
  13. Pretty much this. Several of our community members offered to take over and even donate to handle the domain fees, but he refused and just locked the thread we were discussing this in for no reason. I think when the thread begins to get dramatic and everyone going full attack mode at the start, I think there is a reason to lock the thread.
  14. guessing this is dead?
  15. Hi, since I'm part of the PF2 group that migrating here and you have two dota threads without a sub-forum, gonna have to near one year old necro. If you didn't see my introduction, I mostly play dota 2 with 2167 games, 3140 hours, and 3.3k solo mmr (yay for purgatory tier). STEAM_0:1:23109169 also this this was a support roaming bounty hunter