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  1. I've heard Engie vs Spy may have been scrapped and some of the changes rolled into Gun Mettle.
  3. How much you should expect to spend depends largely on travel costs. Minimal budget (for non-locals) is probably $500 or so, but that doesn't really count any/much spending on fun stuff, but it should cover travel/hotel/food/registration (in general, travel costs are way higher for west coasters/foreigners than, say, someone in New York). After that, it's just a matter of what you want to spend on autographs/stuff in the dealer's den.
  4. Only 11 times? Has Twilight been slacking in her search for perfection? Twi's thoughts on cutie mark magic should have been more prevalent during the season. Like, we've been given glimpses of what exactly cutie mark magic means for ponies, but I'm sure a smart pony like Twi could learn way, way more about it. What's on that scroll? Can scrolls be used by non-unicorns? Or is it still racially locked? The return of the BGM! I actually have that rainboom one on my iPod. So much calamity with one burst of magic. Self-levitation of adults confirmed canon. LittlePip's feat diminished. Industrial Apple Acres. At least Sombra is getting a little more love in the show. Enclave armor canon? Come on, Celestia. You control the sun and moon, and the pegasi are masters at weather control. Force Sombra to fight you in pitch black while a hurricane rages on.Surely that's going to tilt things in your favor. Also, upgrade those ice arrow things into spears and carpet bomb Sombra's forces with them. You can win it in a week. I'm loving all the Cloudsdale shots. I wish we got to see it more often. Dashie's stranger danger senses were sensibly firing. Zecora is Guinan? Guinan did have at least some ability to sense alternate timelines and what-not. We should get this Zecora more. Disguising as the Element of Honesty is a pretty good idea. Who wouldn't believe AJ? Does Chryssy sound different? Maybe I'm just too used to her singing voice. How is this Twi vs Starlight battle not causing a massive scene? Nightmare Moon's castle makes me wish Luna had her own castle (or, if she does, it needs some screentime). Spike getting threatened by Nightmare Moon. Another callback to Rescue from Midnight Castle? AU spam. Just what fanfic writers need. Sliders? Is that what this is a slight nod to? "He moved on, and I didn't." That's pretty obvious from her bitterness. I wish Starlight's change was more reluctant and over a longer time. I wonder what the map did with that scroll. G4.5 to be all about Starlight as she makes the same journey Twi did?
  5. AJ is just as clueless about the #1 pop star in Equestria as the audience. "Rara". Isn't that what some call Rarity? Might need to revise that. Filly AJ, your instrument has 4 tuners like a bass, a guitar body, and only 2 strings. What the fuck are you playing? Aside from the veil and weird mane, I like Rara's design. Is this manager modeled after Andy Dick? He sounds like an Andy Dick impression. Shut up, managerpone. That performance wasn't spectacular. It was pointless pop drivel (good song, bland performance, not dissing the song!). There was so much glitz and glam on stage that it really detracted from the vocal performance. Managerpone needs a good bitchslap. Though, I kinda wonder if he'd like that too much. I like how AJ was the one to bring Rara back down to her true self. But will this be remembered as an AJ episode? Is that Fancy Pants conducting in the back? I'm digging this second song so much more, especially the stage show. It's pop done right without all that fake flashy bullshit. I kinda wish they had pulled back the curtain to let the other musicians get in on the spotlight. On Twitter, Amy Keating Rogers said she wrote it about how much she loves Equestria. She also says she's going to miss it.
  6. Hasbro should start a "Furry Friends Book Club". Could be a certain price per year and you get a book every month. Fluttershy was too pleased to have Twilight shaking her ass in her face. Smokey Mountains? They're coming to the real world? If I had known, I'd have hopped down that way for autographs. Twi's balloon? How long has it been since we saw it? Wonderbolt Academy? Twilight, you can't force a catch phrase like that. I get really tired of this southern stereotype. Can't it just die already, please? I wonder how well the Hooffields would get along with the Apples. Pumpkins vs Apples. Did Big Daddy McColt just use one of those Skyrim shout thingies? Loudspeaker spell. I wonder how many other ponies know that one. I almost want to say this may have been a season 1 episode that was shelved for one reason or another. Twi feels very S1-y. I kinda want to know more about that huge McColt. His demeanor looks like he'd be pretty cool. Fluttershy's ability to talk with animals actually became very crucial. That's something that should have happened sooner. I also want to know why Twi's books are so out of date. First the Gryphonstone and now the Smokey Mountains. The moral feels S1-y, too. Oh hey, special credits music.
  7. We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The update notes are below. The new version is 3094986. -Eric ------------------------------------ - Fixed a bug that did not prevent crits while using items like the Battalion's Backup - Fixed a server crash related to Mannpower mode - Fixed Halloween spell effects not cycling the colors - Fixed The Bearded Bombardier not displaying the smoke effect - The Invasion community event has ended - Updated the materials/model for the Carouser's Capotain
  8. We're working on a mandatory update for TF2. We should have it ready soon. -Eric
  9. Gotta love those tiny optimizations. They add up over time. Haven't really seen prankster Dashie in a while. FlutterOrange was pretty funny. Discord confirmed racist against Earth ponies. Pinkie McFly. Hasn't it been a while since we've seen Zecora? I almost want to say she's had a little bit of a visual revamp since last time. Twi's starting to lose it again. At least it's not another Lesson Zero freakout (though, we could use another freakout aria). Bottled Smooze. Looks a lot like a brain slug. Discord attempting to spread discord. They might want to put the fear of Rainbow Power into him just to be sure.
  10. Medals
  11. - Fixed getting the Masked Mann achievement on maps other than Mann Manor - Fixed a bug where the grappling hook would not switch back to the previous weapon after being released - Fixed the Quickplay server list sometimes displaying the map filename instead of the proper name - Added tournament medals for UGC Highlander Season 15, UGC Highlander Season 16, UGC 6v6 Season 17, UGC 6v6 Season 18, UGC 4v4 Season 4, and UGC 4v4 Season 5 - Updated the Monoculus and Merasmus battles on Eyeaduct and Ghost Fort to call a temporary truce between the teams while fighting the boss - Added server convar tf_halloween_allow_truce_during_boss_event for community maps to use this feature - Updated Merasmissions to include a Quickplay button that will automatically join the required map or open the Quickplay menu if any map can be used - Updated taunts to prevent movement during the pre-round period when players are frozen - Updated the Invasion Coin to track stats through November 6th, 2015 - Updated pl_millstone_event - Fixed getting out of the map using spells - Monoculus moves now around the end area of the map instead of staying near final pit - Made spells spawn a bit less frequently - Fixed ghost long arms, now it travels/arrives to hell - Performance optimizations - Updated the navigation file
  12. We're working on a mandatory update for TF2. We should have it ready soon. -Eric
  13. It's out!
  14. Eh, I wouldn't say it's off-topic. It's still related to how I related to a bit of the episode.
  15. My Spyderco Tenacious was in a case, albeit not at a grocery/convenience store, and very much worth purchasing. It just took me a half hour to work up the courage to ask for it. So was the near mint complete copy of Final Fantasy 1 that I scored for a mere $20. But do you always assume the judgement is negative? That's what runs through my brain. Fluttershy's reactions to being in the spotlight back in Hurricane Fluttershy hit close to home. In particular, that one where everyone's looking at her and then it turns into a bunch of eyes while voices taunt her made me feel a bit panicky. Edit: While I know this isn't happening, my brain wants to assume that lots of insignificant things bring about major judgements, like asking what aisle the cereal on meaning they now think I'm about as intelligent as the average rock and must now never show my face in there again.