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  1. SIGN ME UP! ...wait, i'm already part of the crew...
  2. Welp, Valve killed our community earlier than intended. Heroes is forever lost now. R.I.P. MLP Heroes mod 2011-2015

    1. The Power

      The Power

      It had a good run. RIP Heroes.

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      WALKERRRRR!!!! Now how will I have the satisfaction of carving up upwards to 25-30+ mercs on pl_badwater and causing mass hysteria as a giant anthropomorphic onigiri?!

    3. ---


      RIP Heroes. Chrysalis and Big Mac were the best. *salute*

  3. ...my emotions. My heart skips many beats when i watch touching episodes like this. For this season so far, one scene (and the rest of that episode) of Tanks for the memories did this to me on a high level. (one aspect of that particular scene ruined it, however) THIS episode however. Does this to me on various levels, but THROUGHOUT the episode. First off, the nostalgia factor was incredibly powerful in this one. We got to see how Twilight lived her life back then... Second, we got what we can call a "continuation of fan service" from Slice of Life with these ponies...or atleast they're officially canon now...(Minuette's hair though, when she's facing right....why da fuk no one think of that!?)...buuut this factor is just good for fan-squeeling... But then, everything about Moondancer. The feel of guilt of damage you did back then, but you never intended to fix it, until you remembered your old home. But after discovering of what you have done, the determined intention to do whatever it takes to fix it, but Moondancer not letting it go that easy, as it was a massive damage she did, but Twilight's really sorry about it. But the scene, that made me stop several beats on my heart was near the end. Now first off, that scene was kinda similar to Tanks for the Memories' Rainbow crying scene, BUT DONE BETTER!...just to clear that up. Moondancer let it all out by herself, expressing the pain Twilight caused backthen, and then runs down crying her heart out. The comforting scene almost made me die of malfunctioning heartache (or diabetes, as "scientists" call it), this is what made the whole episode to me. All this. I forgot who wrote this episode, but whoever did this is an amazing person. Larson, i have said this multiple times throughout my live reaction recording of Slice of Life, but i need to say it again: I seriously need to meet you personally, and assault you with thousand of hugs. It was a really amazing episode for me. I loved it, will definitely show this to my family. 10/10 EDIT: Thanks to Koekelbag, i learned (technically, already knew this, but forgot about this term), that this is called "Emotional breakdown"
  4. ...wait, we hated MLP Heroes? ... Anyway, i'm with Nuke, i loved MLP Heroes, was the main reason why i joined the community, because of it's unique gamemode. So basically, imagine Freak Fortress 2, but embedded into regular TF2 gameplay. Each team, at the start of a round, will get a FF2-like Pony. That pony has a melee weapon, a nerfed, but specialized weapon, and a Primary and Secondary ability. Primary abilities (dubbed "Specials") are like FF2's Rages, while secondaries are smaller version of it. Special meter usually gets filled by time, but the fill boosts, if there are teammates around you...by a few percents (+50% max with 4+ teammates). Getting it to full 100% can make the hero activate it's special ability, while Secondaries can be activated, by only using a part of the gathered special meter. (Like Twilight's teleport costing 25% of her special meter) The hero themselves can't contribute to objectives. AKA they can't cap, get the intel, or push the payload cart. They're just there to help the team. ...in a nutshell, that's basically it...
  5. ...umm...where to start...since there is waaay too many thing i need to tell... Well first off is this: This post may or maynot going be 1000+ words long. I have that tendency to post large wall-o-text, depending on how deep or serious the topic is. I'm sorry if this is cluttering up the thread. So umm... Hello there, my name is Diskette Projector, but you can just call me Diskette...or Disk...whatever you fancy. I'm a dark red, young unicorn, whose special talent is making various projects for everyone to see. My cutie mark is a blue floppy disk, which represents the symbolic meaning of my talent. (since ya'know...Floppy disks are the symbolism for downloading and saving) I like playing intensive and fun video games, but would like to avoid serious competitive gameplay, as i'm playing for fun. I also like being silly, sometimes snarky, or silly-snarky, or when i feel my ego power go up, i like to think of myself of how awesome i am. Oh and i like to wear a vest, where i stash my stuff in, when i travel around. My master is called Kancsar. He's a human-being, who he created me, and made me so we share the same personality....except i'm way cuter than he is And i also love Trixie, cause Trixie is the ultimatest pony ever, and we will rule the world together one day (sad she isn't too fond of me ;_;) ... Alright, advanced introduction done, now for a little (read: large) backstory... But first, we're gonna change the tone here a bit, as this is a serious thing for me. Alright, so...if you haven't guessed by now, i'm also one of the Pony Fortress 2 migrants. While i am/was a known regular there, i sadly wasn't one of those hipsters, who joined during the first year since the community's creation (we're celebrating our 4th anniversary, btw). If i recall correctly, i only joined during the 2nd or 3rd year...(i did lurk the community a few months earlier though). I loved everyone there, it was my home, and i rarely count a community as a "home"...infact, that was my first community i actually considered as my "home", as i never stayed that long on a community before, and i loved everything about it. But then...as they said above me....PF2 will come to a close on September...and according to our now retiring leader, Dragonlight, this community's leader(?), Raini, will take over us...but what this means exactly, i have no idea...guess i'll wait for an official announcement for that. But what's clear from Dragonlight's message, is that we are migrating over here, which is basically what's happening right now. Now this is the part, where this story becomes sad. How i'm feeling towards this whole situation is like this: We came from a home we all loved, but the home needs to close soon, we will lose all the good memories we had together there, but we get the chance to move to a bigger house, with it's respective community, but we are now their guests in their eyes... Imagine this like moving to a new house with your family: New neighbors, new interior, new location, new everything. You have to learn how their system work, everyone is new to you, but they are really friendly, and are happy to show you around. And once you're into it, you'll have new friends, and your old friends aswell... So this is what i'm feeling right now. If my googling is correct, this is called Catharsis. Fear of what about to come, but feel the renewal and restoration afterwards. So this is basically it. As a last request for now, i would like to receive a sympathetic hug from someone, cheering me up, and would also like someone to show me around the community, like who's actually the founder here, who are the more notable members here i should know about, what are the usual habits here, and stuff like that. In the end though, I would like to meet brand new friends, and by the time the inevitable happens, i'll be ready for a brand new world!