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  1. A friend of mine told me about this Thought everyone else should know about this as well Also the comments are really stupid, but funny as hell to read (God other people's stupidity is so funny) -Have a nice day -Vgameboy00//_- (I also can't put the video in the post for some reason ;-;)
  2. Sweet
  3. Hello there, My name is Vgameboy00, I'm the writer as mentioned by David Dire, If you would like a "Clopfic", all you have to do is friend me on steam:
  4. Hello There Ladies And GentleMen! My Name Is : Vgameboy00. Or You Can Call Me:Vg, Gameboy, or just Game. And Today, What I Have In Store For You Is, My Introduction Of Me. I Always Have A Good Look At Life, And Never See The Bad Of Stuff, I Always See Good, And The Positives Of People I Am Also A Taurus, I Was Reading Homestuck (But I Suddenly Just Stopped :c), I Believe In Supernatural Stuff But Not Hardcore, I'm Skinny, I Have Long Hair, I Have A Fluffy Adorable Little Yorkie , I Have A Xbox 360, I Had A PS3 But It Disappeared!! I Also Like To Play: Borderlands : The Pre-Sequal, Borderlands 2, DirtyBomb, FireFall, PayDay2, And More! So If Anyone Would Like A Helping Hand, Just Add Me On Steam: Vgameboy00 Also ONE LAST THING: ........ ....... ...... I Never watched a singe episode :T ...... .... That Is All! :D