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  1. Then i re- retract my statement
  2. I have a feeling that the previous post wasn't meant to be taken seriously in its entirety oh.... then i retract my statement!
  3. OH FUCKING WONDERFUL! It's another PF2 situation. I swear!
  4. Lots of people see to be leaving... I can't be asked to join anymore forums so i guess i'll stay here

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    2. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      How about you show me some damn results instead of just plans User! I'm tired of being a damn nomad!

    3. LQUser


      The pony is way too impatient. We have people working on our forums and coding every single day. If all you care about is a rushed product (complete opposite of what I'm seeing on this website atm) then you're out of luck.

      Nevertheless, I'll only bug you personally again when we have our event or if we have other "results" that you're looking for.

    4. Steamworks


      Friendship is Gaming actually has a functional vanilla server right now. If you don't want a shitty nodded experience, come ove .

  5. Simple has spoken on my behalf in this thread. I do not know what more I can say at this point. PF2 merging with us wasn't exactly "planned", so I feel it is unfair to hold me to a schedule in meeting the demands and requests of players from that community within a month of our merging. That doesn't mean I've forgotten about the people from PF2 who had valuable suggestions and contributions to make. It just means I'm trying to work a lot of my time constraints around fixing some pre-existing issues within the Ponyville community at the moment which take priority over the requests of PF2 players for a server meeting their specifications. I have a lot on my plate right now and none of this can be done with the flip of a switch. It will take me time. We have been making progress, it is just taking longer than it would under ordinary circumstances. I can only ask that people continue to be patient. So we can all agree that DL is to blame for this CF? Thanks DL!!
  6. more people should read and comment on the complaining Forum. It's nice to get stuff off your mind. GO TO IT NOW!!!

  7. Music of the day #4:

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    2. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      I already know about the full song, but thanks..

    3. Scootz


      When copy pasting something from your favorites copy paste before the &list

      So in this case the link would be

    4. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      oh! I did not know that. Huh, you learn something new every day. Thanks.

  8. I wish the vanilla server is true. if not i might punch someone
  9. How are things going with the vanilla server, just wanted to check.
  10. Still hoping for a vanilla server.

    1. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      It's something we ALL want. However, until then, all we can do is sit calmly and binge watch Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda. That's all ANY of us can do. IT'S THE HUMAN CONDITION!! *shakes Soldier*

    2. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      Sounds interesting, i'll look it up

    3. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      nvm i saw it and it's a good show

  11. Music of the day #3 More persona music:

  12. I wonder, if nobody cares about others opinions, why do people who have said opinions even bother. All people want is their own way of thinking to be sought out and not anybody else's. Why have a forum if people are just going to ignore you. Answer me that people!

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    2. Aurotzel


      Honestly, I don't think most of the people that actually balance things listen to the community. Posting in the balance threads is a lost cause 90% of the time.

    3. Zeke Aileron™

      Zeke Aileron™

      I have to agree with Colgate mainly based on seeing previous threads from other ppl that i've seen been ignored.

    4. Soldier Surplus

      Soldier Surplus

      hmm... interesting. thank you everybody for your insight

  13. [Drama Intensifies] Soldier Surplus has disconnected from the game. (reason: TF2 drama) I'm joking btw

  14. Music Of the Day #2: Snake Eater

  15. New Concept: Music of the day. Reach Out To The Truth, persona 4.

    1. Scootz


      Pfft, I raise your "Reach Out To The Truth" into a "The Animation Beauty of Destiny"

    2. Scootz


      AND "I'll face myself"